Are You Afraid Of The Dentist? This Is Why You Should Upgrade Your Dental Routine

The dentist is always in.

Usually portrayed in pop culture as intimidating and fear-inducing, we shed light on a routine trip to the immaculate clinic of the dentist and find out why you shouldn’t skip your appointments.

Perhaps a trip to the dentist is the last thing on your mind right now. Often reduced to a chore, it will become clear to you (especially after reading this) that it shouldn’t be. You see, oral and dental hygiene is more than just keeping clean, brushing off plaque and dislodging morsels of food stuck in between the hard-to-reach crevices of the mouth. Not only does the consistent and careful care of the teeth and gums keep it sparkling and fresh, it also fends off bacteria and acid build-up that causes cavities and gingivitis, which can lead to consequential periodontal (read: gum) disease. Apart from the standard and required brushing and flossing, we explore the different oral practices and treatments to keep your dental hygiene at tip-top condition.


Surprisingly, a good 80% of us are guilty of over brushing, according to Dr. Mark Burhenne, creator and author of Ask The Dentist. Aside from faulty techniques, which can cause abrasion to the gums, overworking the oral hygiene routine can be traced to the toothbrush and not technically to the you brush, brush, brush. However, a safe 2-3 times a day is still advised, clocking in at a standard 2-minute ritual, keeping in mind to tilt the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle by the gum line.

While braces are more commonly associated with a gangly amount of wire brackets on the teeth that force it in a specific and controlled direction, an accumulation of pop culture identifiers and modern-day aesthetics have pushed the dental field to enact necessary innovations to provide people with options to the typical and traditional. Today, you can opt for heat-activated archwires (uses body heat to move quickly and less painfully), ceramic braces (tooth-colored or clear brackets to blend in to the teeth), lingual braces (metal braces placed on the inside of the teeth), or the invisalign (a series of 18-30 custom-made, mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners that are replaced every 2 weeks).

More than just the usual round of routine prophylaxis and check-ups, the area of dentistry will at some point involve surgery. This focus is concerned with correcting problems or damage to the mouth, teeth and jaw. From the common wisdom tooth extraction or root canal treatments, oral surgery performs procedures such as dental implants (replacing missing or damaged teeth), bone grafting (addition of bone to the patient’s jaw), supernumerary tooth removal and deciduous tooth (baby tooth) removal. In extreme cases, these certified experts suit up for odontectomy (removal of teeth embedded in the bone), frenectomy (removal of the frenum or the muscular attachment of tissues) and finally, oral maxillofacial surgery (surgery on the structures of the face, sinuses and neck).

With a focus on dental care, there a lot of local clinics that put the patient at a premium, proving to be one-stop shops for oral solutions. This includes making sure that the dental experience is smooth, seamless and yes, painless. Featuring extensive, state-of-the-art bases all over the metro, these hubs almost immediately eliminates the apprehensions and fear that is understandable with every visit to the dentist. With procedures that are time efficient, convenient, and most importantly, safe for each patient, it isn’t surprising why people come back to these spaces for all their oral concerns.

It goes without saying that a trip to the dentist is a necessary part of the oral routine. Sure, it can be intimidating but a trip at a safe 6-month interval for the standard touch base and check-up is imperative when keeping things in tip-top shape. Whether it is a teeth cleaning, restorative teeth bonding, restorative dentistry or teeth whitening, consulting a medical expert is far better than opting for DIY, over-the-counter options. And the results? Well, they’re far-yielding most definitely.


Photos by ERWIN CANLAS, courtesy of MEGA MAN