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6 Things To Know About Chantal Videla, Star Magic Artist Turned Future K-Pop Idol

Pinoy K-pop idol? Yes, it's happening.

Currently a trainee in MLD Entertainment, Chantal Videla is set to make her debut as a Filipino K-pop idol in this June.

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When the Hallyu wave crashed onto the Philippines, it left a lasting mark that has touched nearly every aspect of society. Even as far back as the mid to early 2000s, Pinoys loved watching K-dramas with K-pop following suit in the 2010s. It’s undeniable that Korean culture and content is popular amongst Filipinos. And because of this, it has also led to a rise of kids, teens, and young adults aspiring to become a K-pop idol one day. After all, the K-pop industry is home to many foreign born idols like Lisa from BLACKPINK or Mark from NCT, and the list goes on. And a Filipino is set to join the ranks of future K-pop idols.  

For the past few months, MLD Entertainment has been teasing that they have an upcoming girl group set to debut real soon. And one of the group’s members is a Filipina when MLD Entertainment’s Audition IG page revealed on November 26 that Chantal Videla was a trainee under the company. Whether that name rings a bell in you or not, it indeed is exciting that a Filipino will debut as a K-pop idol. Here are six things you should know about Chantal Videla.


Chantal Videla was born in 2002 and is currently 18 years old. She was born to a Filipino mother and an Argentinian father. Chantal grew up in Spain, which is why she knows how to speak Spanish before moving to the Philippines. She also knows how to speak English, Tagalog, and Korean. Based on social media posts from MLD, Chantal is going by the name Chanty.


If her name or face look familiar to you, that’s because she had a career in the Philippines. Prior to becoming a trainee, Chantal was signed to Star Magic and a member of Star Magic Circle Batch 2018, the same batch as Donny Pangilinan, Leila Alcasid, Charlie Dizon, and Tony Labrusca. Prior to joining Star Magic, she was a commercial model. Some of the projects you may have seen her in include Familia Blondina where she played Camerona and Starla where she took on the role of Lena. But it seems that other fields were calling her name and decided to leave behind her acting career to become a K-pop idol.  


Chantal is currently a trainee under MLD Entertainment, the same company as girl group MOMOLAND. For fans of the group or K-pop in general, hearing the name MLD Entertainment may leave shivers down your spine. MLD has a bad reputation among K-pop fans, especially with the way they have treated MOMOLAND in the past. Here’s hoping that their new girl group won’t be treated the same way and will get the proper promotion and care they deserve.


Chantal debuting as a K-pop idol would make waves and headlines in the country. But she won’t be the only member of the as yet to be announced girl group with past TV experience. Another trainee under MLD and who could also join Chantal is Nonaka Shana. For viewers of Girls Planet 999, she is a familiar name as she competed on the show. While she didn’t make it to the final lineup, the Japanese trainee may still get her chance to debut under MLD.


While Chantal is currently a trainee, she already has appeared in K-pop related content. She has starred in a few K-pop music videos already such as for rookie boy group JT & Marcus’ debut single, Dear You. Also, she, along with Shana, have starred in a YouTube videos together where the two foreign trainees share their aspirations of becoming an idol. The two have also done duets together while Chantal has also shared song covers and even made Adobo for a video.


For the past few months, rumors were swirling when MLD Entertainment’s next girl group was set to debut. But we now have a concrete date of June. The company recently confirmed that the group, called LAPILLUS, will make their debut on June 20. Their name takes inspiration from the gem. They are being marketed as a global girl group with members who speak different language. The group will have six members consisting of Bessie, Yue, Seowon, Haeun, Shana, and Chanty. Fun fact, Chantal is actually the oldest of the group while their maknae was born in 2008. Given how their debut is literally weeks away from now, we can’t wait to see more of the group. Fighting!

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