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BTS’s Jungkook Is Now An Owner Of Land In Scotland Thanks To Arci Muñoz

The golden maknae is now a Lord.

Arci Muñoz decided to go above and beyond for her birthday gift for Jungkook by buying a piece of land in Scotland under his name.

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Given how loyal and passionate K-pop fans are when it comes to their favorite groups and idols, expect that whenever birthdays roll along, it’s going to be one heck of a celebration. Most fandoms get a hashtag trending in honor of the idol’s birthday while others make special gifts, works, or crafts. Some even do streaming parties. But for Arci Muñoz, she decided to take things to the next level when she celebrated BTS Jungkook’s birthday.


In an Instagram post on September 16, the actress revealed that she bought a piece of land in Scotland under his name as her late birthday gift to Jungkook, who celebrated his 14th birthday last September 1. “To: Lord #jeonjungkook It’s better late than never!!! Happy birthday! Ya now a lord and ya own a piece of #scotland #bts #army,” she wrote in the caption. To make it even better, she named the plot of land “LORD JEON JUNGKOOK.” Because of this, Jungkook got himself a new title and is now officially a lord.

But the birthday gift wasn’t just a way to show Arci’s love to her favorite group, it also was for a good cause. She bought a one-square-foot plot of land in the Highland Titles Nature Reserve as part of a fundraiser to protect and preserve the environment of Scotland. The Nature Reserve actually allows people to purchase souvenir plots of land on a Scottish Highland estate. In doing so, the owner gets the courtesy title of larid (landowner), lord, or lady.

This isn’t the first time though that Arci has gone to great lengths to celebrate the boys’ birthdays. Last October, as her birthday present for Jimin, she named her property in the province after her bias and called it “Jimin Park.” She plans to turn it into a nature park. Over the years, Jungkook has had many nicknames: Golden Maknae, JK, Kookie. And now, he can add Lord to the list. It just goes to show that no matter how big or small of a fan you are, BTS always brings out the best in people.

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