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7 Things You Can Still Do To Celebrate BTS RM’s Birthday

BRB, I’m Namjooning

In the absence of massive fan gatherings, here’s how some Pearl ARMYs are celebrating “the President’s” special day. For the love of BTS RM and his birthday, you still have time to participate!

As you already know producer, rapper, and BTS’ leader, Kim Namjoon, or as the rest of the world knows him as RM, is celebrating his birthday today, officially turning 27. Long before this actual glorious day, ARMYs all over the world have already started preparing for this event. Since it’s officially the weekend, we listed down seven more ways you can participate in celebrating Namjoon Day

Share your blessings through volunteer work and donation in honor of RM of BTS

Namjoon is best known for his love for nature, animals, and his advocacy towards loving one’s self. So, in 2019, RM Forest No.1 was created along the Jamsil side of Han River, in honor of him. This year, Joon Brides Philippines, a close-knit group of Filipino ARMYs brought together by a shared admiration for Kim Namjoon, created Permission To Donate. All proceeds will go directly to the Pinoy Deaf Rainbow, the first national organization of Deaf LGBTQIA+ persons in the Philippines.

Take some time off and read a book with Namjoon

With an IQ of 148, it’s no surprise that the “Rap Monster” devours books despite his busy schedule. Whether you will read about Korean society through Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982, or explore existentialism and philosophy through The Stranger, RM of BTS has a long list of book recommendations for you. Just this August, Joonie single-handedly sent the book Dying Young, a book that was out of print for twenty years, into best-seller status in South Korea.

Purchase some fan-made merch or adopt/ trade a Joonie photocard 

Aside from collecting the official photocards and changing your laptop, tablet, and phone’s wallpaper into Namu’s face, you can also support local businesses in celebrating this Sunday. Take for example this Namjooning Kit, which contains plantable seed pencils or this one that has a magnetic bookmark inside. A lot of collectors now are also reselling Namjoonah’s photocards or are willing to trade, and now is the best time to bring him home.


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Stuff your face and belly with some Namjoonah

Namjoonie’s birthday falls on a Sunday, which happens to also be the Philippine’s Grandparent’s Day. This is the perfect excuse to get some RM-inspired food on the table while helping the local economy. You can order this cake or this one that declares that RM of BTS is the standard. For ARMYs of legal age, why not personalize your booze that celebrates Namjoon and everything about him? Or be big, bold, and brave like these buns that will share its sales during his birthday week to Hospicio de San Jose.

Be a true Joon bride by changing your headers, rewatching his Vlives and interviews

Billboard, bus, and subway ads are really not a Namjoon-fan thing. Aside from taking care of animals, plants and appreciating nature and downtime, fans have started incorporating Namjooning into their social media profiles. A lot of fans on TikTok have also started their greetings, collating the best photos and snippets of RM’s BTS concert speeches to mark his birthday. Don’t forget to turn on the notifications of the Vlive or Weverse, because you’ll never know when Moni will go live.

Break records with the God of Destruction

Ranked number two by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) for having the most credits as a Korean artist, the God of Destruction once said that he wants BTS to destroy the music world. In true ARMY tradition, Namjoon stans, together with the OT7 enthusiasts stream Mono, RM, and his latest song, Bicycle to name a few. For more information on #RMBirthdayGoals2021, RMChartsData on Twitter releases the current tally daily.

Spend time on or walk around Ilsan to see his birthday mural

We still do not know when we can visit Hybe Insight or when we can admire the exhibits that RM of BTS went to. But that can’t stop the ARMY from creating a free, virtual gallery dedicated to this art enthusiast. Through your laptop or computer, you can view a lot of fan art featuring the living art that we call Kim Namjoon. I am sure he will be shy at first, but he’ll be proud of all of the artists that participated in this effort.