BTS Christmas Gift 2021

Seven BTS-inspired Gifts That Even Your Non-ARMY Loved Ones Would Love

Alexa, play BTS Christmas Carol Medley.

Whether your shopping for Christmas presents last minute or sharing the cheer over the rest of the holidays, here are gift ideas for the BTS ARMY in you. And for the not quite the fan just yet? Give any of these and they’ll be stanning in no time.

Let’s get one fact of the matter straight: 2021 has been a VERY big year for BTS. And because of their generosity despite being on “vacation,” the ARMY keeps on growing by the day. This also means you and I are running out of ideas on what to give to your bangtan buddies this Christmas. So, in the spirit of giving, here are seven BTS-inspired gifts that you can give to the seven ARMY loved ones in your life. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, it is never too late for gifts, especially those that come from the heart.

For your older sister or cousin

I Decided to Live As Me Planner from Apop

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Your kuya or ate probably already ordered the 2022 Season’s Greetings and Wall Calendar already, so what gives? Well, this undated personal life organizer has enough space for him or her to list down his or her tasks, doodle, or vent about adulting struggles. Peppered all over the 288 pages are English and Korean passages from the Jungkook-approved book, I Decided to Live As Me. This will definitely be a thoughtful gift to the person who is your guiding Light in this long tunnel called life.

For your mom and dad

BTS Footwear by

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After years of looking after you, your parents deserve the best in the world. Whether it’s realizing you’re no longer a baby or going through the empty nest syndrome, it’s no surprise that your folks cannot resist TinyTan. You can support their growing fascination with these cute characters by giving them these comfortable slippers. Maybe teach them a few steps or two of Permission To Dance while you’re at it.

For your mentor, a college professor, or boss

Locally-produced scented soy candles by scent/ences

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There is a saying that “You will find BTS when you need them the most.” And in my case, I stumbled upon this newly-opened candlemaker when I was browsing through my favorite BTS Facebook group. The candles were high-quality and serves the aesthetic that I was looking for. Three of the four Bangtan Seonyondan-inspired candles also come with florals and gems that represent the story behind each creation.

For your best friend

Chant sweaters, shirts and hoodies from The Purple Source

I personally want to own one of the Fear of God sweaters and hoodies that the boys have. Unfortunately, everything that the boys wear usually gets sold out in minutes or is not quite within budget. So, this Christmas, you and your best friend can choose to go twinning with these tops that guarantee unique and witty designs. Who wouldn’t want to wear their heart on their sleeves (quite literally)? And trust me, I never knew Gildan can be this comfy.

For your partner

A date in the Rkive Cafe

We have seen a lot of BTS-inspired cafes all over the Philippines. But let’s admit it, your significant other may not be ARMY…just yet. So, in the spirit of not shocking him or her into the fandom, this café comes highly recommended. They’ll enjoy eating the best-seller, the purinkle fries, bacon, shrimp with cheese sauce. Or, you can try the newest addition to their menu, the Purple lemonade. The cafe also started a mini library that curates books read by the BTS members. ARMY or not, who wouldn’t enjoy this date?

For your batchmate and drink buddy 

Oh Slap! The ARMY Edition card game by Funby Games

This fandom-inspired card game incorporates your love for the boys with your barkada. All you have to do is to do the fan-chant, race against your opponents to slap the corresponding name to the card in order to collect as many cards as you can. With 75 cards in one deck that contain illustrations featuring OT7, who wouldn’t want to own one deck for yourself to play or maybe, display as a photocard?

A personal disclaimer: I may or may not own 70% of the gifts inspired by BTS enumerated here. But hey, who’s counting? It’s the season of giving, so why wouldn’t I get one for myself?