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Every Member Of BTS Finally Has An Instagram Account And It’s Going As Well As You Think It Is

7 more accounts to follow.

Each member of BTS is on Instagram and let’s just say their initial adventures on the app have been fun to watch. Finally.

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BTS has been on a roll lately, but when haven’t they really. They bagged multiple awards at the 2021 AMAs, including Artist of the Year. They held four sold-out shows at the SoFi Stadium in LA and grossed $33 million in ticket sales. And they scored their second Grammy nomination. So, for all their hard work, BIG HIT recently announced that the group was going on a much deserved real vacation for the first time since 2019. Though the announcement did tease that they will be coming back to start a “new chapter” that includes a new album.

But before they went on vacation, the boys surprised us again when all seven members finally launched their official Instagram accounts. Clearly, it was a moment with each member racking up more than 15 million followers in just 24 hours. So, how have BTS been using Instagram so far? Well, in a way only BTS can. It’s been less than a week but their accounts are slowly becoming reflections of their personalities.


With a username of @jin, Jin keeps it short but simple. And honestly, were impressed how he actually got that username for himself. As for his photos so far, it’s been a fairly random assortment of posts, though they do show his fun and quirky side. But he has also started posting food pics and as someone who created a Vlive series where he just ate, we’re looking forward to Jin’s food pics.


Suga’s username is @agustd and honestly, is there anything else who should have chosen? He actually initially uploaded a pic of a backyard and then deleted it. He then proceeded to upload a pic of a red square and captioned it: “Instagram is so hard.” But V being the supportive member that he is commented saying that he should just watch the YouTube lectures. Definitely will be interesting to see what Suga posts in the future.


Did some say aesthetic? Because that is what J-Hope has been serving on his IG feed so far. And with the username of @uarmyhope, he proves once again why he is a ray of true sunshine. Among all the members, J-Hope has so far been leading the way on how to use IG. His polaroid-esque pics are so good and he looks great in each one. Fingers crossed he posts more fit picks so we can see his bomb style and maybe even a couple of dance videos.


Speaking of aesthetics, RM is another member who has been serving in that department. If you follow BTS on Twitter, then you know that RM is a big fan of the arts, paintings, museums, and the like. And he’s been posting on his IG page his vacation in the US as well as the museums he’s visited such as The Chinati Foundation in Texas. Aside from this, we’re particularly loving the post of him taking picture of a cat with the caption of “finding yoongi” and tagging yoongi to the cat. With a username of @rkive and a bio of “just an archive,” RM’s IG is poised to be a visual feast.


Jimin really out here Googling himself to find a photo to use for his pfp. While hasn’t posted a lot, that hasn’t stopped over 21 million people and counting from following him. We’re very much ready for the visuals Jimin is about to give.


When people set up a social media account for the first time, it’s acceptable that you make a mistake here or there. But when you’re a member of BTS, a mistake you make is amplified thousands of times. That was the situation V found himself in when he accidentally followed BLACKPINK’s Jennie and then unfollowed her when he saw her on his recommended tab. He then quickly took to Weverse to explain the comical situation. But aside from that, V has been posting some pretty great photos with some standouts including his pics of Yeontan, his shaving pic, and pics he took on the set of The Late Late Show With James Corden. Given V’s personality, his IG might just be a goldmine for V content.


Out of all the usernames Jungkook would have chosen, of course he chose @abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz. It’s very on-brand for him and makes him have one of the most unique usernames amongst K-pop idols on IG. J-Hope even said on Weverse that when JK made his username, he bragged about it to the other members, a scenario we can imagine. Even though he is the youngest member of the group, he too had a hard time with IG. He initially posted his personality type on his feed and then deleted it before just sharing it on his stories. He then said that he did so because people were telling him to and asking what the vibe of Instagram was. We’ve been there too Jungkook. Given how he has a bit of a reputation for not posting often on Twitter, hopefully, that won’t happen on IG because we’re ready for JK content. And so far, he hasn’t disappointed.

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