BTS’ J-Hope Made Me Read It: 3 Unforgettable Lessons From The Book, There Are No Bad People In The World


Looking for a book to pick up and consume as voraciously as your favorite book worm? In this series, we get to know your faves much better and deeper, starting with BTS’ J-Hope and his choice, There Are No Bad People, which made me read this title in one sitting.

I grew up in a society where productivity was measured by soul-crushing rigors such as how much I have earned to date, how many books I have read, and how many views a story has over a specific period of time. So, resting over the recent long weekend felt like I was in the middle of a long exam, looking at the clock and wondering if I answered everything right.

Truth be told, I first saw the book, There Are No Bad People In The World, during J-Hope’s YouTube Livestream last February. While we are taught to not judge based on just the surface, I found the cover endearing. But there is something about most Korean books that we all know by now: Most covers look cute, but deliver a sucker punch into your mind. True enough, There are No Bad People In The World is just a gateway to the mesmerizing world of the mundane, as told in short stories, as penned by the author Jae-hoon Won.

Anticipating it to be something that will take up much time over the extended rest period, I managed to finish the J-Hope-approved book in a few hours, but these excerpts will stay with me forever. Read on to see if it resonates with you as well. Word of the wise: Chances are, it will. 

The importance of community and finding the people who get you

  1. “There’s actually no bad people in the world. It’s just that we can’t understand them and can’t communicate with them.” – There Are No Bad People In The World, page 17
  2. “Reading someone’s mind is different from reading a book – the former has the power to touch hearts.” – Morning Glory,  page 127
  3. “We always want to get away from our family but they’re like a shadow from which we can’t escape.” Wild Flower, page 134
  4. “Non-verbal language matters more than empty words. A good neighborhood is where people help each other with subtle yet sincere friendliness.” – Pushing the Wheelchair, page 171
  5. “Isn’t hell ironically the place where angels are most needed?” –  It’s Not Me Who Cuddled The Baby, It’s The Baby Who Cuddled Me, page 193

Why introspection should be one’s top priority

  1. “The moment you do what you want, it ironically becomes something that you can no longer do. But then you start to see what really is important.” – Poppy, page 100
  2. “If people start to truthfully open up, they eventually discover a path on their own.” – Wish-Granting House, page 117
  3. “Move forward smoothly and moderately, just like a not-so-fast bicycle allowing us to enjoy the clear view of the sky.” – The Annals of Document Airing, page 172
  4. “Anger disappears quite sooner than we expect. It leaves as soon as we give ourselves time to think.” – Where Does Anger Come From? – page 177
  5. “We learn by remembering while reminiscing teaches us a lesson.” – Medidancy in the Indian Ocean, page 201

How perseverance and agility are two of the most valuable traits in life

  1. “Wishes come true like in dramas, depending on how earnestly you wish for them.”- Magic Lily, page 108
  2. “Courage is born out of hope.” – Snowflake,  page 145
  3. “The road always opens to those who wish to live.” – How to Cross Mapo Bridge, page 152
  4. “We always have to bear with something to see what we want to see.” – Red Moon, page 166
  5. “Let the wounds stay but you must heal.” – Buddha With a Broken Arm, page 188

As an adult trying to get to know myself all over again, as one figures at different points of life, I now am in a pursuit for answers to my life’s purpose and career. You see, I grew up reading self-help books, but I wish I read these kinds of books instead. Clearly, J-Hope was right with this choice, because it just makes the most sense now. And whatever you are going through or wherever you find yourself at, this J-Hope choice is definitely a must read. 

With the work week in full swing, I find myself staring at the other Apop books on my shelf from time to time. Here, I am left wondering, which book should I pick up next? J-Hope, a little help?

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