Bretman Rock Got Personal DMs From Childhood Crushes Piolo Pascual And Derek Ramsay

Bretman's hair just got longer.

Who’s the prettiest b*tch in Manila? Let our response be: Bretman Rock.

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Ever since their much-awaited return to Philippine shores, Bretman Rock’s stay in Manila has been nothing short of iconic, as is par for the course for the inimitable multimedia star. From reinhabiting their Tagalog-speaking self with grace to his jam-packed You’re That Bitch book signing tour to serving looks, Bretman Rock has really made quite da baddest comeback.

And it seems that Bretman Rock will not let his last weeks here at home pass by without making yet another headline-worthy moment. Just days ago, the stunning multihyphenate made everyone go “sana all” as they received personal messages from no less than the country’s premier heartthrobs and leading men, Piolo Pascual and Derek Ramsay, who are also their childhood crushes.


First in the series of moments that prove they’re God’s favorite, Bretman Rock shared via Instagram story over the weekend that one of their childhood crushes, Filipino actor Derek Ramsay, had just sent him a special DM. While explaining how video greetings are a big deal here in the Philippines, Bretman Rock couldn’t help but freak out over this once-in-a-lifetime moment. 

@bretman_pebble31 #bretmanrock #fyp #bretmanrockcrush#dereckramsay ♬ original sound – bret

“I don’t want you to get between us,” our fave baddie said after a one-second clip of Ramsay saying hi. It was a really great morning for Bretman, who also shared that they were going to have a dream-come-true photoshoot and would be on vacation mode this week. Bretman added they would only need Piolo Pascual to marry them before they would leave.

And that did happen apparently, in one way or another. In another IG story, it was revealed that another personal greeting video was received, from no less than Papa P himself. This was followed by an unadulterated, cathartic scream from Bretman Rock as a reply, which, to be honest, would be everyone’s fitting response. This and a confident “yes” to Papa P’s implied marriage proposal. That wasn’t the first time they met the man of their dreams though. In 2016, Bretman Rock met Piolo Pascual and his son Iñigo during their Miss Universe hosting stint. 

All of these to say that Bretman Rock has been having the time of their life recently at home, just the way they should. “No offense to Bretman who lives in America, but you could f**kin never compete with the Bretman Rock in the Philippines,” declares the coconut water connoisseur. Bretman Rock even shares that since he came to Manila, he’s been feeling sexy and even their hair feels healthy and has grown five inches longer. But with all that happened, we know it went longer than that. “Cheers, b*tch.”

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