12 Moments That Solidify Bretman Rock As Da Best Uncle To Cleo

He's the best uncle or whateva.

Bretman Rock and Cleo is the dynamic duo we will always root for.

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In the long list of achievements that Bretman Rock has gotten thus far, being an uncle is arguably one of the proudest titles he’s ever had. And that can be seen in the way he treats his niece Cleo. Ever since she entered his world over six years old, Bretman Rock has lived up to the hype of being one of the best uncles anyone can ask for.

While Bretman does treat all the children of Princess as if they were his own, the bond that he and Cleo have is something else. And as expected from Bretman Rock, the multihyphenate star isn’t afraid to add that dynamic energy to his uncle duties. Let’s take a look at some of the iconic Bretman and Cleo moments that had us wishing Bretman was our uncle.


Iconic is a correct way to describe the Halloween costumes Bretman and Cleo have been cooking up for the past years. And the fact that it coincides with Cleo’s birthday makes their joint slay even better. Famous pairs the duos have embodied over the years include Nezuko and Inosuke from Demon Slayer, Spongebob and Patrick Star, and Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. This year, the pair decided to go take it one step further with their take on all the main characters of the Wizard of Oz.


What’s being a great uncle if you can’t babysit your niece, right? This is why Bretman is more than willing to make room in his schedule to watch over Cleo when Princess can’t. And because this is Bretman Rock we are talking about, his form of babysitting includes using makeup and his crystals as food for their pretend restaurant.


Are we really surprised he does Cleo’s makeup too? What we love though is how Bretman is taking it one step at a time given how Cleo is just six years old. It’s mostly just playful makeup. But that doesn’t mean he can’t give her a little glam like when he gave her a Euphoria-inspired eye look.


While most would panic when their nieces or nephews begin to cry, that doesn’t apply to Bretman Rock. Instead, being the baddie uncle that he is, he prepared a song and dance number when Cleo began to cry after he tried to remove her makeup. And if you’re wondering, yes, this video did birth that memorable meme.


There’s never a dull moment at the Rock household. So, when Bretman taught Cleo some nursery dances, he gave it that extra flair fitting for a member of the family. It’s doing the most in the best way possible.


When Bretman Rock says that he’s a singer, he means it. And it seems that Cleo has taken after her uncle. We love it whenever Bretman harmonizes with Cleo to create beautiful music.



Cleo turns 4 today but she swears she turns 16 🙄

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

Being the model uncle that he is, Bretman is always there to help Cleo when it comes to her hair like the time he did her hair for her Elsa costume or when he gave her an Ariana ponytail.


Some people do not like working with kids. Those people do not include Bretman Rock as, over the years, he’s included Cleo in many of his projects, whether it be his YouTube videos, social media posts, or our favorite, his science experiment with Cleo of making snow.


Bretman and Cleo know how to serve looks, as seen in the matching fits the pair often step out in. One thing about these two is that you’ll never catch them slipping and looking bad in public. Bretman even took Cleo’s pics like the bestie that he is.



She been waiting all day for this lol

♬ S.I.M.P (Squirrels In My Pants) [From ‘Phineas And Ferb’] – Geek Music

What Cleo wants, Bretman Rock gives. And if Cleo wants to do TikToks with Bretman, he is more than willing to spoil his niece and treat her.


If you’ve followed Bretman for a while, then you would know that Cleo is a constant presence in his videos. For years, Bretman would try to let Cleo say her one line, but couldn’t. That changed though as she got older and now, Cleo is more than ready to say her line. They grow up so fast.


We often find Bretman Cleo in fun, cute, and lighthearted moments. But Bretman takes his role as an uncle seriously and holds Cleo in a special place in his heart. That can be seen in the sweet captions he writes when he posts about Cleo on social media. That’s pure love right there.

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