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Bretman Rock Is In His Mother Hen Era And We’re All For It

Da Baddest queen of the coop.

Apart from being an award-winning social media superstar and this generation’s fashion icon, Bretman Rock is also Da Baddest mother hen to his fabulous fowls.

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While this goes without saying, we know that one of, if not the most unapologetic and unproblematic influencers out there is our baddie, Bretman Rock. A singer-songwriter, actor, athlete, activist, a scientist on the side, the star of the crystal of the day, a coconut water connoisseur, and the newest MTV Star, the twenty-four-year-old Filipino digital darling rose to fame and became everyone’s go-to beauty guru with his makeup tutorials.

And just recently, the social media superstar is set to add “author” to his inimitable list of titles with the upcoming release of his memoir. But apart from that and more importantly, we are also witnessing Bretman’s mother hen era, showing us in his TikTok videos and Instagram stories that when it comes to being a proud parent, he’s also Da Baddest. Here are some highlights of Bretman being the queen of the coop that will make you cackle.


Just a quick refresher and a little background to Bretman’s passion for his poultry children: It was early this year where he first manifested his dream of having a chicken coop and to raise hens on his own. Fast forward to now, Bretman, who grew up in Ewa Beach in Hawaii, has also shared in his IG post about his new book, that he once helped raise the chickens of his cousins and even had 27 guinea pigs. So, now we know that being a mother hen really is his destiny.


One successful incubation later, and Bretman Rock became a fully-fledged mother hen to two baby chicks. He’s even proudly shared his journey to motherhood on his IG, celebrating the first day of the virgo girls.


Bretman Rock introducing Bo and Tin

As his chicken coop continues to grow, Bretman also takes the time to introduce us to his ward. And two of them are the rooster Bo and hen Tin, which are both inspired by famous Filipino dishes, Adobo and Tinola. “Don’t they look like such Bo and Tin.”



My emo chicken Crow 🐧This account is starting to turn into my chicken show and tell account lol

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

And then there’s his chicken Crow who, with his shiny black feathers and crooked crown that Bretman calls his “side bang,” will remind you of your emo teenager phase. Bretman Rock has had a perfect introduction for his goth chicken with the emotive tunes of Secondhand Serenade’s Fall For You and Machine Gun Kelly’s hardcore punk Emo Girl, in a hilarious TikTok video that’s now been viewed over 11 million times. Even Paris Hilton couldn’t help but laugh out loud.



Twining with my daughtee Cristina

♬ original sound – Leeza

Bretman has also seemingly chosen his fave fowl of a daughter in the blondie Cristina. In an IG post, Cristina matches her mother’s baddie energy with her purple clip and confident fur.


Bretman eats egg in front of his chicken

Just because he became a mother does not mean Bretman Rock is holding back with being Da Baddest of them all. That is very much apparent in his IG story where he eats some eggs in front of some of his chicken children. “What is an egg perhaps,” Bretman teasingly asks. “It is what comes out of you and it’s where you actually came from,” he continues while Pigeon and Cockianna suffer emotional violence in silence.



Thanks to my high me for buying this 🤪🤪🤪 you always buy the best things

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

Bretman is also a mother who spoils his kids. He even bought his children a chicnic table where they can all happily eat together. He calls it his “best purchase ever.” Not only that, he also bought a special microphone for when he needs to summon his kids to the chicnic table every breakfast.


Bretman fixes his chicken's fur

Well of course, the fashion guru that he is, Mommy Bretman also does not forget to take care of his children’s looks. Like in his hilarious IG story where he gives his fluffy baby Mary Beth her much-deserved makeover.



The little ones always got the most to say 🤪🫣

♬ original sound – bretmanrock

Just like any other families, it’s not always smooth-sailing at Bretman Rock’s chicken coop. Like in the video above where Bretman tries to show the height difference of his beloved chickens. But Bo has had enough and attacks his brother, much to their mother’s disbelief. “Oh my gosh, I thought I saw my life flash,” Bretman says while catching his breath. “I’m never going to do that again.”

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