These Filipino Snacks Are Bretman Rock-Approved

He's just like us fr.

The baddest snacks for the baddest b*tch.

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In the realm of modern day entertainment, nobody’s keeping it real like Da Baddest, Bretman Rock. Even if you scour the deepest corners of the internet, no one does it like the award-winning multihyphenate. And these special traits always manifest in the way Bretman embraces his identity, especially in his being a proud Filipino. 

During his speech at Character Media’s 20th Unforgettable Gala, where he won the digital influencer award, part of the multimedia star’s promise is to keep being himself, including being “Filipino as hell.” And we know that in that department he never fails. It’s part of his iconic sensibility where he does not forget to look back and honor his heritage, all the while giving us the laughs. 

Just like in the First We Feast’s Snacked episode where our baddie adds Filipino snack connoisseur to his long list of titles. While he’s already done an ASMR session with some local chichirya before, this video is special as Bretman Rock breaks down his favorites. From that chocolate goodie he can’t resist to his go-to funeral dessert, here are the mouth-watering Pinoy snacks that have Bretman Rock’s seal of approval.


Bretman Rock Filipino snacks Pillows

If you’re like Bretman Rock and you grew up in the Philippines, you’d know that a staple snack at sari-sari stores is the chocolate-filled crackers Pillows by Oishi. “Cheap chocolate, just like my favorite,” Bretman says as he savors a bite. He also shares that he used to let Pillows melt in his mouth just to absorb all of it. He’s just like us fr.


Bretman Rock Filipino snacks Piattos

Flavors. That’s what Bretman Rock loves about Pinoy snacks just like with the sour cream and onion Piattos by Jack ‘n Jill. And of course, there’s the fingers covered in some tasty powder that you get to lick after. “And yeah, I am a snack finger-licking b*itch,” Bretman declares. “Judge me.”


Bretman Rock Filipino snacks Boy Bawang

Before going to America, Bretman Rock had never had a popcorn before and was convinced that Boy Bawang Cornick was popcorn. The Filipino pop corn, he calls it. And up to this day, because of its savory and garlicky taste, Bretman still deems himself as a “Boy Bawang b*tch,” despite the stinky breath you get after. Just don’t kiss a vampire, Bretman warns.  


Bretman Rock Filipino snacks Choc Nut

Just like the playful kids that we were at some point, Bretman Rock also knows the satisfaction you get from opening the Choc Nut wrapper without messing it up. And just like Bretman, we know how Choc Nut is the ultimate Pinoy candy bar in all its cavity-penetrating goodness.


Bretman Rock Filipino snacks Sky Flakes

Filipinos’ emergency snack, Sky Flakes crackers are a regular in Pinoys’ pockets, meryendas, school baons, and yes, as Bretman Rock has experienced, in funerals. Bretman especially likes the filled ones, like the condensada flavor that’s often enjoyed with coffee and the company of your amigas.


Bretman Rock Filipino snacks Dried Mango

Now, if there’s any Filipino snack that Bretman Rock is particularly meticulous about, it’s the Philippine dried mangoes. “If you guys have never had Philippine mango in your life, then don’t be walking around [and say] that you ate the best mango.” Dried mangoes also take Bretman to a core memory of his roadtrips in Manila and in Baguio. Yes, it’s so good it’s transportive. “B*tch, the Philippines has the best mango and I would die on that f**kin hill.” PERIOD.

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