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Pretty Savage: Blackpink Is Time Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year

When they pull up, you know it’s a shutdown.

Blackpink continues to give world’s biggest girl group energy with Time Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year recognition.

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While busy being record-breaking performers, fashion icons, resonant influencers, and taking over the globe with their blockbuster Born Pink world tour, Blackpink has added yet another shiny laurel to their fully-packed crown of historic achievements as Time Magazine has chosen them as its Entertainer of the Year. 

Are we still going to be surprised at this point?


Blackpink Time Magazine
Photo via TIME Magazine

In a special feature, which includes a photo spread shot by Petra Collins, Time Magazine chronicles in glittery detail Blackpink’s storied journey from being YG Entertainment’s comeback girl group to becoming trendsetting icons of their own. This includes the tremendous reception of their debut singles in 2016, Whistle and Boombayah. As for their first studio album, The Album, while not mentioned in the article, was the first album by a Korean girl group to earn more than one million copies.

Blackpink Time Magazine
Photo via Petra Collins Instagram

The story has also emphasized how 2022 seems to be Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa’s year with feats like Born Pink, Blackpink’s second album, becoming the best selling album by a K-pop girl group ever with millions of sales when it was released last September. There’s also the unmistakable fact that Blackpink remains to be the biggest musical act on YouTube with over 83 million subscribers, with Ddu-Du Ddu-Du as the most viewed music video by a Korean group. And then there’s their second world tour which has seen shows selling out in minutes and being attended by tens of thousands of BLINKS.  

Time also highlights how Blackpink’s “varied international backgrounds of the members add to their global appeal” and how Blackpink’s solo projects also account for the group’s “massive visibility.” Rosé grew up in Australia and Jennie, while born in Seoul, was raised in New Zealand. Lisa, who has Thai roots, became the first non-ethnically Korean who was trained and signed under YG while Jisoo was the only member who lived in South Korea her whole life. 

Blackpink Time Magazine
Photo via Petra Collins Instagram

Meanwhile, Blackpink also shines as four stars of their own venturing into the fields outside music and successfully so. Like Jennie, who has produced a banger of a solo work with Solo, is a Chanel ambassador, and now stars in The Weeknd and Sam Levinson-helmed HBO series The Idol. Lisa is representing the luxury fashion brand Celine and has been producing knockout singles like Lalisa and Money

Jisoo has made her acting debut in the Disney+ drama Snowdrop, is the high-selling celebrity endorser of Dior, and is Instagram’s most-followed Korean star. And there’s Rosé slaying the global charts with On The Ground and Gone while being Saint Laurent’s brand ambassador. Add to that the fact that Blackpink is the first Korean girl group to be in Coachella and are United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals advocates, then yes, Time is on-point when it says that Blackpink is “more than a K-pop group” and “have become a global brand of their own.”

Blackpink Time Magazine
Photo via Petra Collins Instagram

“We’re very normal girls, at the end of the day,” says Jennie in the story who looks ethereal with her sisters in their magazine photoshoot. The singer-rapper-actress also notes how they’re able to be where they are right now by doing all of it out of their hearts and how they’re now more mentally prepared to tackle the future. And as they all agree to Rosé’s apt description of Blackpink as being “four rock stars,” we can only expect our humble and talented queens to break more records, top more charts, and sell more shows out, now that they have undoubtedly become, as Time Magazine puts it, global superstars.

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