Let These Moments From Born Pink In Manila’s Ticket Selling Warm You Up

Pure moments amidst the chaos.

In a sea of issues and other controversies, there were sweet moments out there that happened as tickets for BLACKPINK’s Born Pink in Manila concerts were made available.

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Even if BLACKPINK is set to come to the country four months from now, many Filipino BLINKS are currently going through it thanks to the start of ticket selling for their much-hyped two-day concert at the Philippine Arena. Back-to-back dates of pre-selling and general sales caused a scramble among general fans to secure tickets. And was it a smooth time? No, not really.

Social media was filled with stories of long lines to enter the website, broken links, people cutting the line in some on-site ticket-selling locations, and other issues that caused many BLINKS to understandably vent in frustration. But among the warranted hubbub that happened during ticket selling, there were sweet stories out there of fans getting tickets, staff helping them, and everything in between. Here are just some of those pure, wholesome moments that we came across on social media.


@wkkkkk22 Part 2 supportive ni ate!!! Salamatsuu SM CABANATUAN! #BORNPINKMANILA_BULACAN @BLACKPINK_PH #BLACKPINK_WORLDTOUR ♬ original sound – Wkk

Fans are already as stressed as they are waiting to get tickets. The last thing they need is antagonistic staff to ruin their day. The sales staff then at SM City Cabanatuan passed the vibe check, especially the lady on the computer, as they were attentive to fans’ needs as if they were getting tickets, too. That’s what you call A-service. May all sales staff be as warm, nice, genuine, and diligent as those from SM Cabanatuan.


@shandwich_ SECURED KAMING LAHAT!!!! worth it ang pag camp😭😭😭 DAZURV #bornpinkworldtour #bornpinkmanila #filoblinks ♬ Pink Venom – BLACKPINK

For some, tickets are just tickets. But to many, those tickets represent a dream come true. This is why it’s so wholesome to see true fans jump for joy when they learn that they finally got a ticket. Even the staff behind the counter were cheering for them. It’s a moment worth celebrating and the kind of rare joy you see in moments like board exam passers.


Let’s give it up to kind staff. Some fans have waited for hours, sometimes camping by the mall just for the chance to buy tickets. As seen in this tweet, the staff at SM San Mateo made sure to accommodate fans during the admittedly long process of ticket buying. They gave them ample room and space to wait for their turn.


It’s common courtesy to wait your turn when it comes to buying tickets. Sadly, some abuse their connections to get ahead of the line. Not Yasmin Kurdi though. Despite being a celebrity, she waited in line just like the rest of the prospective ticket buyers. As she shared on Twitter, she and her daughter waited in hours-long lines just to get tickets. And she did get them in the end. Here’s hoping all “fans” will learn to have manners.


The heartbreak of not being able to see your favorite artist live is a true pain. This is why it warms the heart to see dedicated fans who wait for more than 12 hours walk away with tickets. It feels even better when fans organize groups to get tickets and succeed in their goal.


There really is something special about seeing real fans get tickets to see their faves. These people probably have been waiting for years to see BLACKPINK in person and those tears were genuinely brought through pure joy.


Once again, staff who go out of their way to help frustrated fans are the best. This can be seen in this moment from SM Cubao where staff gave fans free water and snacks as they waited for SM’s ticketing system to go back online. It makes the anxious wait that much more bearable.

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