8 Tips And Tricks On How You Can Secure That Much-Coveted K-pop Concert Ticket

May we all get to see our faves live.

Anyone who’s tried buying K-pop concert tickets knows it can be heartbreaking. This is why we reached out to pros to give us the needed know-how.

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After two years of online concerts and only watching your faves on screen, fans can now finally see their idols perform live and in person. But while it truly is a different feeling to watch an artist live for their concert, you first need to secure that ticket, which to many serves as the hardest part. Buying concert tickets in general is often a kind of intense sport that should be studied in the future, but it gets even more intense when it involves K-pop artists. The rush and struggle to be one of the first to secure a ticket before it gets sold out is real. It can be a hair pulling situation.

But luckily, there are some tips you can do to make the process easier. NYLON Manila’s very own K-Council member Kyla Sy was kind enough to share some tips and tricks on getting those K-pop concert tickets. As a K-pop stan and concert watcher for years, she’s already a veteran when it comes to these things. Here’s the advice she had to share to all would-be ticket buyers.


It’s safe to say that buying concert tickets shouldn’t be treated as a leisurely activity. All the emotions are coming together to make for an often heart palpitating experience. This is why Kyla advises that you need to be prepared mentally and physically for the gauntlet you may face. “Buying concert tickets is exciting and extremely stressful at the same time.” Make sure to breathe, do some stretching, and keep your eyes on the goal. Yes, really.


Once ticket selling begins, you never know what is going to happen. This is why it’s important you plan your day and have backup plans to your plans. “You always have to prepare for the worst case scenarios, so read up and watch concert ticket buying tips and guidelines from other fans.”. Know where you are going to buy your tickets, what seats your looking to get, and how you’ll pay for them. The last thing you want is to get caught flat footed and walk away empty handed.


Concert tickets aren’t cheap, especially in this economy. So, before you even decide to watch your fave’s concert, make sure you have the money to pay for it. “IPON EARLY!!! With the current clamor for concerts, we have to be ready with funds all the time.”. Where you get that extra money is up to you, but what’s important is that you start saving, especially with how short the time is between concert announcement and ticket selling. “Usually we only have at least a month to prepare for ticket selling day.”. So, for those looking to watch BLACKPINK in Manila next March, you better start saving those coins.


When it comes to buying tickets, you can buy them either online or via physical tickets booths that are located at the venue or in malls. Kyla says that in order to maximize your purchase, you should try buying from both. “I would always say go for online ticket selling, but if you can go for both, then do that. While in line, you can also try your chances online. More chances of securing your desired tickets if you do both.”. If you do decide to just buy online, remember to have your details ready, be patient, and press that refresh button like your life depends on it. “When buying tickets online, refreshing is key!”


It’s a scenario many K-pop stans have heard about at least once: a person decides watch their fave’s concert in another country instead of in Manila for whatever reason. But it’s a scenario Kyla would suggest you do only when you need to. “I’ve watched more concerts abroad than here in the Philippines, but I would always prefer to watch here.”. While tickets may be cheaper in other countries than in Manila, you also need to take into consideration all the other expenses you’ll be having to pay for. “You would have to consider your airfare, accommodations, and pocket money when watching abroad. I think if your faves are coming to your country, it’s always better to watch them there since it’s a little more special. They prepared the concert for their Filipino fans.”


Ticket selling is generally split between a pre-sale and public sale period with the former being when certain tickets are made available to a certain group of people. It goes without saying that if you can buy early, then do so. “Usually pre-selling is made for those with official fanclub membership from the K-pop group. Definitely purchase tickets during pre-selling if you are qualified for it to get first dibs on tickets.”


With so many people vying to get just a handful of tickets, it’s inevitable that there will be some who sadly won’t be able to purchase a ticket. But your love for that group or artists can be so big that it pushes you to buy tickets secondhand. But be warned, scalpers and other third parties should rarely be trusted. “I always discourage people from purchasing overpriced tickets. That’s a big no for me.”. If you do decide to buy your tickets this way, make sure you aren’t getting scammed out of your money. “Always verify if the ticket is valid. Ask the seller to go with you to the ticket outlet so that the outlet can verify the ticket for you.”


It’s a questions many K-pop stans ask themselves: “Where should I sit in the concert?”. More often than not, most will say the standing area, that isn’t the case for everybody. “While the standing area is best for interactions with your faves, I don’t really like getting standing tickets because I’m fun-sized.”. As Kyla sees it, there isn’t a must stay area in order for you to enjoy the concert. “I don’t think there’s one best place to sit during concerts. It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re there, and you get to experience them live is the best.”. If you’re stumped though of which tickets to buy, take into consideration your needs, stage design, venue, and go from there.

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