up - bini x bgyo

BGYO And BINI Bring The Funk And Inspiration With Their First Song Together, ‘Up’

Another solid banger in the books.

With groovy beats, solid vocals, and a relatable message, Up is a great collaboration for BGYO and BINI’s first track together.

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Ever since BGYO made their debut in January 2021 and BINI in March 2021, the sibling groups have steadily climbed the charts and upped their status as major OPM artists. Given how closely intertwined both groups are, it honestly was only a matter of time before we got an official song collab from them. We already got joint performances, so the only thing we need was a song collaboration. And that time finally came as recently, BGYO and BINI dropped their first official track, Up. While technically the single serves as a tie-in with their Dubai documentary that follows the groups when they performed their last December, Up can firmly stand on its own with its solid production and message that reflects how far the sibling groups can go.


Released on April 1 (and no, it wasn’t a joke), Up is a disco and funk-inspired pop track that sees BGYO and BINI come together for the first time. Just like how two powerhouse groups have come together for the song, so too are the people behind it. The collab track was composed by rising and talented singer-songwriters Angela Ken, Sab, Lian Kyla, and Trisha Denise. Veteran Jonathan Manalo served as the track’s producers. The groovy, upbeat, and moving disco flair is evident from the song’s beginning moments and both groups sound so good on it. Of course, the track doesn’t forget to include certain fundamentals like the rap breakdown and dance break. Considering how the disco-inspired tracks on BGYO and BINI’s debut albums were standouts, it was a good call for Up to go the same route.

Up’s bright sound is a complement to its message of inspiring people to work hard and never give up their dreams. The track is an anthem for all the dreamers out their who want to make it in life. As cliché as it sounds, it is a message that still resonates for many and for a good reason. It also isn’t that far off from how BGYO and BINI have their own ambitions with their careers that they are slowly ticking off. Both groups also worked hard to get to where they are. Up also tells of both groups’ continuous work to achieve greater heights, both in the P-pop scene and internationally.


Aside from the single, they also dropped an accompanying music video. In it, we see the their adventures in Dubai, as well as shots of them performing around the city. Dressed in bright and solid colors, BGYO and BINI deliver a music video equally matching Up’s upbeat vibe as we get a taste of both their performing side and fun side. For their first collab together, the track is a solid effort, one that’s apt for the dance floor with a message that many can take to heart. If this collaboration has gotten you wanting more BGYOxBINI content, then you can catch them at the upcoming PPOPCON on April 9 and 10.

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