The Music Video For Sigurado By Belle Mariano Just Surpassed 1 Million Views On YouTube

Belle isn’t called a rising superstar for anything.

In just a month and a half, Belle Mariano’s Sigurado music video has more than one million views on YouTube and counting.

Belle Mariano is a rising superstar. At just 19 years old, Belle has not only cemented her status as an artist to watch out for, but is slowly inching herself as one of the next generation’s future great actresses. She’s been acting since she was young, getting her start in Goin’ Bulilit at 9-years-old. But it was only until 2020 that she got her big break in Four Sisters Before The Wedding. But Belle’s career would reach new heights when she took on the role of Max in He’s Into Her. The show is shaping Belle as one of the next leading ladies. But more than just being good at acting, she’s also a talented singer. And that was on display when she released the music video to her single, Sigurado, on May 17, 2021.

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The love song was released as part of the OST for He’s Into Her. Backed by guitar, strings, and drums, Belle Mariano sings about her feelings for someone she likes and is sure that he is the one for her. The music video meanwhile sees Belle in her bedroom dressed in her He’s Into Her school outfit and casual clothes. The song suits Belle’s voice so well with her sweet tone permeating throughout the entire song. You just want to close your eyes and just hear Belle’s soothing and angelic singing voice. The song and video are both quite simple, but they are done so well.


It’s no wonder then that the song and video were well received. The music video achieved a major milestone when it recently crossed 1 million views on YouTube. It also has an overwhelmingly positive response of 80,000 likes. Sigurado also surpassed 875,000 streams on Spotify and will surely join the 1 million club soon. They even released a duet version with Belle and her He’s Into Her co-star, Donny Pangilinan. And the most impressive fact is that Sigurado is Belle’s first single.

If you’re surprised by Belle’s singing, don’t be. The young star has been singing since she was young and knows how to play the guitar. She showcased her singing skills on Episode 5 of He’s Into Her and even did a cover to Moira dela Torre’s We & Us.

Considering that Belle has said that she’s been dreaming of having her own single, we feel that she must be feeling pretty happy for the success of Sigurado. The best part is that this is just the beginning for Belle Mariano. Who knows what else she has in store; a live performance, more singles and music videos, collaborations with other artists, maybe even an album. Congratulations to Belle Mariano and we can’t wait to see what this rising superstar does next in her career.

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