How You Can Conquer A Haunted House According To Belle Mariano

Forda scream ang ferson.

Seeing Belle Mariano and Esnyr Ranollo go to a haunted house is already a treat in itself. But there were also some tips you can apply for yourself, you know, should you take on the dare.

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What do you consider a good time with friends? Eating out at a restaurant? Partying at a club? Watching a movie? Fun with the barkada can come in many forms, and for Belle Mariano, that means going to a haunted house. If ever you wanted to see the Gen Z star brave the horrors of a haunted house, you finally got your wish as for her latest YouTube video, she, along with Esnyr Ranollo and Team Belle went to Nightmares Manila.

As you can expect, it went as well as you think it did. But aside from seeing Belle, Esnyr, and the rest scream their lungs out, their experience also clued us in on some tips and tricks we can apply the next time we muster the courage to enter a haunted house and walk its spooky halls.


The best thing about scaring someone is to do it as a surprise. So, if you can, make your haunted house trip a special surprise for your besties if you do decide to bring them along. As seen in the video, Belle initially told them that they were going hiking in the mountains. But when they were already in the car, she revealed that it was not true and they were actually going to Nightmares Manila. While the surprise may not be one your friends will be expecting, it can make for even greater reactions.


Where’s the fun in going alone? Instead, bring your close friends for the hair-raising adventure. For Belle, she brought with her Esnyr and Team Belle, which means they all collectively shared the scares. Getting spooked with friends instead of alone is a way better experience in our opinion and you also have other people you can get scared with, too.


If you go to a haunted house with a group of people, it’s important that you take advantage of the extra company. The moment Team Belle entered the course, they locked arms, with Belle’s makeup artist, Jake Galvez, leading the way. As they say, we’re all in this together. So, make sure you have that scare buddy with you to lessen the blow of that jumpscare. Sure, it might still be scary. But at least you have someone to hold on to.


The pressures of a haunted house can be a lot for some to take. The fear can even paralyze some from moving forward. So, to help you with these panic-inducing moments, it’s always best to take your mind off things as best as you can. When Belle and Esnyr were walking through the course, they started singing Tanging Dahilan to distract them from the ghouls. Esnyr, being the natural comedian that he is, also helped lighten up the mood by cracking some jokes and dancing to the beat of the music. So, when you feel like the haunted house is getting too much for you, do something to distract yourself like singing a song or counting numbers.


Haunted houses are a stressful experience for many. But at the end of the day, the best way you can enjoy a haunted house is to have fun. Haunted houses are meant to scare you, but there is also a demented fun twist to it. As seen in her vlog, Belle and the rest definitely got scared and we probably aren’t going to see them go to one anytime soon. But at least they had fun and that’s what matters in the end.

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