Belle Mariano And Esnyr Ranollo’s First YouTube Collab Is As Chaotic As You Expected

We could watch them for hours.

Our fave chaotic besties Belle Mariano and Esnyr Ranollo’s are back with their first YouTube collab that’s Korean mukbang meets spill the tea.

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When Belle Mariano first launched her YouTube channel a little over a month ago, many clamored for the Gen Z star to collab with TikTok star Esnyr Ranollo. After all, Belle was one of Esnyr’s first celeb friends when he transitioned into acting, and the two have remained close since. If you’ve ever seen any of their lives together, you know that it’s a fun and messy time in the best way possible, like a bardagulan and laugh trip all in one. So, when Belle announced that she, Esnyr, and her makeup artist Jake Galvez will be appearing on her latest YouTube vlog, we were seated ready to witness the chaotic energy to come from this video. And true enough, they gave just that.


For Belle’s latest video, she, Esnyr, and Jake Galvez participated in a Korean Mukbang mixed with spilling secret revelations. Basically, as they ate classic (and spicy) Korean food, the trio each wrote three secrets about themselves and one by one, they have to guess who wrote it. Right off the jump, the trio started cracking jokes, especially Esnyr. TikTok showcased that he is a natural comedian and that was on full display during the video, letting out jokes and funny commentary any chance he gets. Meanwhile, Belle and Jake matched his energy as the trio tested their friendship with the secrets they wrote like guessing who got eye-surgery. And speaking of secrets, some of the stuff they wrote were something else.

Jake and Esnyr really spilled the personal tea with no-longer secrets like how Jake used to eat his toenails and that he kissed a girl to check if he’s really gay. As for Esnyr, when he shared that he used to fake being sick just to stay in the school clinic, which felt very on-brand of him. The highlight though came at the end when Esnyr wrote that, “Tinalikuran ako ng white lady.” According to him, one day, his house had a black out, which spooked his household help. As he went to his room to hide, a white lady entered the room and the two had eye contact. Then, she made a U-turn like a car at an intersection and left him. (Esnyr Ranollo is so talented that he can even include ghost repeller in his resume.)


Throughout the entire 15-minute video, no one was spared from the bardagulan. But all was done in a friendly and lighthearted manner. Even the staff behind the camera can be heard laughing. Seeing Belle carefree, happy, and laugh this hard also shows how comfortable she is around the two. She knows them very well and can let her hair down and have fun. More than just the laughs and good times, the video also showcases the genuine friendship she has. They’re so real to each other that it makes for an engaging video. We honestly wouldn’t mind if Belle dropped a one hour mukbang with Esnyr, because that has the potential to be so much fun. More to moments like this.

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