Belle Mariano Is Now Officially A YouTuber

She’s Into Her Vlogger Era: Belle Mariano Is Now Officially A YouTuber

"I'm Belle Mariano and welcome back to my channel.".

Actress, singer, and dancer on occasions, Belle Mariano can now add YouTuber to her resume with her recently launched YouTube channel.

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At this point of her career, Belle Mariano has taken on many roles. Aside from being an actress, Belle also is a musician, can bust a move here and there, and is low-key a TikTok pro. But now, Belle is set to embark on a whole new chapter of her career thanks to the recent launch of her very own YouTube channel. That’s right, Belle Mariano is now a YouTuber.


Recently, Belle announced that she was going to launch her YouTube channel on July 2. Originally called Belle And Beyond, she changed it to her name to keep things simpler. And with that, Belle joins a long list of young stars, actors, and personalities who have their own YouTube channels like Donny Pangilinan, Alexa Ilacad, and Andrea Brillantes. But what’s special about Belle’s channel is that fans will have another avenue to see more of their favorite star.

Despite being one of the most talked about actresses of today, Belle isn’t the most active on social media and often likes to keep things to herself. So, with the launch of this channel, it looks like Belle is ready to share more of herself and her life for us which we are ready for.


For her first ever video, which dropped on July 2, she appropriately shared many of her firsts in life. Among the many tidbits she spilled during the video was that she technically didn’t audition for her spot on Goin’ Bulilit. Instead, she accompanied her friend to a shoot one day and the director wanted her to be a part of it. She then kept on being invited back every week before she eventually was made a permanent cast member. The self-described coffee lover also revealed that this isn’t the first time she’s tried to vlog. She tried to make one before, but the whole process was too hard for Belle at the time. We’re lucky then that Belle found the time, energy, and commitment to fully start her YouTuber era.

Now that Belle’s YouTube channel is up, we can’t wait to see what she gives us. In fact, we already have a few ideas. For starters, we’re hoping for more behind-the-scenes vlogs where Belle shows us her life behind the cameras. Belle could also upload song covers or performances onto her channel. We’ll be needing a collab between Belle and Esnyr Ranollo soon because we know these two besties are going to be a riot. Belle could even do a “who knows me better” challenge with her siblings and Donny Pangilinan. And speaking of Donny, if he and Belle do a collab, it will probably be another break the internet moment from DonBelle. Donny hasn’t posted anything on his YouTube channel in months so this could be a perfect opportunity to do so.

You can check out Belle Mariano’s YouTube channel here where she uploads a new video every Saturday.

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