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Belle Mariano’s Closer Music Video Was Like Watching A Bonus Episode Of He’s Into Her

All day fresh feeling when I'm with you.

Only people like Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan can make brushing your teeth look that good as seen in the Closer music video.

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As much as we love DonBelle and He’s Into Her, one thing that many of us can agree on is that we could always have more DonBelle in our lives. Given the show’s once a week schedule, content featuring this hot-as-the-sun love team can’t come fast enough. So, when we heard that new DonBelle content is coming our way, our ears immediately perked and this time, it came in the form of the music video for Belle Mariano’s new song, Closer. Given the romantic nature of the song, we were already expecting a sweet music video. But they went above and really said that they’re going to give us a bonus episode of He’s Into Her with a minty fresh twist.


Released just this past June 27, Closer is a fun mid-tempo pop track where Belle uses her angelic voice to share a love story of wanting to be close with someone you love. The track is part of DonBelle’s partnership with Closeup, but it’s honestly pretty good. It’s a chill song that tugs at the heartstrings with warms lyrics and simple production. Its light verses give way to bigger, but not over the top production during the chorus. In the song, Belle sings about how she’s ready to spend her time with that special person and that was very much the MO for its official music video.


Co-starring Belle and Donny Pangilinan, the video is extra special because it’s framed and set in the He’s Into Her show universe. Both are playing their characters of Max and Deib respectively. In the visual, we find Deib planning their second monthsary with adventures like going to the beach. But Max doesn’t have the time to do all that and asks for a simpler celebration. The two then get into an argument with Max saying that Deib doesn’t take into consideration what she wants. The rest of the video then sees them go through this rift and fix the misunderstanding (shout out to Bong Gonzales and his cameo). Along the way, there are even flashbacks of a couple’s cooking session and brushing their teeth together. Who knew dental hygiene can be turned into such a kilig fest?

Both look so good in the music video as always but Belle in particular looks stunning during her solo shots. We love how the video is set in He’s Into Her as this special vignette gives us another glimpse into the lives of TagSen. We even see Deib use a love coupon Max gave him during their first monthsary. Based on the references seen, the music video is most likely set after episode six, but before Tito Boyet’s secret became public. But the video also has its own unique visual style and gives its own take on the power love team. Even though this whole thing is for a sponsorship, the chemistry and sweetness on display is strong. There’s just something about DonBelle and commercials that just hit on another level.


This is their first ever music video together with a song of theirs and we definitely will be needing more of that in the future. Who knows, later down the line, if DonBelle gets their own teleserye, Donny and Belle could be the ones to sing the theme song. We’re already excited with just the thought of it.

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