Eager to Become A Magiliw? Begin Your Journey With ALAMAT With These 9 Songs

Eager To Become A Magiliw? Begin Your Journey With ALAMAT With These 9 Songs

Stan legends.

Looking to stan P-pop visionaries? Start your deep-dive into ALAMAT’s music with these tracks.

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There’s no denying the steady, rapid rise of P-pop these days, as musical acts find their footing in a saturated landscape of music filled with talents from all corners of the globe. Each new P-pop group or artist brings something new to the stage, diversifying a genre that has been the subject of plenty of discourse. Regardless, place, history, and culture lends themselves to new, distinct artistic creations, and one Filipino boy band is living proof.

A multicultural, multilingual, and multiethnic musical act, ALAMAT puts the P in P-pop in their own unique way. From their elaborate performance outfits to their choreography, the use of different languages and instruments across the Philippines to their lyrical references to Philippine folklore, ALAMAT is deeply connected to the diverse culture in which they—as individuals and as a group—were formed. Composed of members Tomás, R-Ji, Taneo, Alas, Mo, and Jao, ALAMAT’s talents, concepts, and ability to seamlessly weave Philippine heritage with modern music has earned them plenty of praise, and plenty of fans. While their discography definitely has something for everyone, if you’re interested in becoming a Magiliw, perhaps start with these tracks below.


A career-defining drop from their first EP Pasulong, Maharani holds the distinction of the group’s most-streamed song—arguably their most successful. Maharani is a benchmark of ALAMAT’s sound and concept, deliciously modern and distinctly Filipino. The track is a song of yearning and praise for a queen (“maharani”), and wholly a reference to Filipino folklore and culture, from its instrumental that incorporates indigenous instruments to the singkil featured in its music video. Catchy, romantic, and If you haven’t heard this song, you’re totally missing out.


The lead track from ALAMAT’s most recent release (and their first album), Dagundong is a bass- and rap-heavy track with a roaring pre-chorus that captures a distinct aspect of the identity of the Filipino—the Filipino that all throughout history has risen against adversity, against all odds. A call-to-arms against oppression and injustice, with lyrical and visual references to Philippine struggle, Dagundong is a showcase of strength and heart, something ALAMAT has proven they’ve got plenty of.


One thing about ALAMAT—their yearning is palpable in their music. A summery pop song sung in English, Filipino, and Bisaya, Day And Night from IsaPuso is equal parts fresh and fun as they sing about how a girl lives rent-free in their minds. Another fun fact: youngest member Jao choreographed Day and Night! Like with Alas, who is a producer, it’s great that the ALAMAT members are able to exercise their creativity in their work.


The rare ballad in ALAMAT’s discography, Walang Hanggan shows off the vocal prowess of the members. It’s sorrowful and imploring, tackling forgiveness and the promise of forever. The music video, in true ALAMAT style, represents a myriad of different messages as it shows the members struggling through loss, heartbreak, and other personal or even social challenges.


If you love classic boy group music, Dayang will catch your fancy. A mellower but still upbeat track, Dayang is full of rhythm and romance as they declare their love for their dayang (lady, or “princess” in Tausug), similar to Maharani.


A musical twist on a classic Hiligaynon folk lullaby Ili Ili tulog Anay, ALAMAT’s ILY ILY is almost haunting. Eclectic and immersive, the track is made even more special with the vocals of singer and The Voice Kids alum Lyca Gairanod. ILY ILY and its music video are also a tribute to parents, particularly those working as OFWs. More a lamentation than a lullaby, ILY ILY is an emotional track worthy to be added to your playlist.


You can’t stan an artist without at least listening to where it all began. In 2021, ALAMAT debuted with kbye, a song the members co-wrote themselves! Fusing different Philippine languages, influences, visuals and sounds into their song and music video, this is where it all began for the group. Though a more resentful track, it provided a preview of the possibilities of ALAMAT, and they were endless.


A play on the word malakas, this 2021 ALAMAT song is the follow-up to their debut. kasmala is a modern, upbeat track about being enchanted by one’s beauty. However, the music video takes on a different approach, rich with symbolism and references to native Philippine history and the oppression we faced as a people.


What did they put in this song? With rhythmic beats and a captivating hook, Gayuma is a true earworm. The song is a club/dance track written and produced by ALAMAT member Mo, and is a sensual, enchanting modern track that lives right up to its title.

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