7 Times BINI and ALAMAT Were The Most Supportive Besties in P-pop

7 Times BINI and ALAMAT Proved They Were Besties In P-pop

BINILAT's joint slay.

Check out some of the moments where P-pop groups BINI and ALAMAT, endearingly termed “BINILAT,” were supportive besties online and IRL.

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It’s been about three years into their careers, and leading P-pop groups BINI and ALAMAT are doing nothing but slay. From screens to stages, the eight-member girl group and the six-member boy group have constantly shown us that they’re more than just occasional co-workers—they’re pretty much besties. The two groups are composed of Jhoanna, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, and Sheena, and Taneo, Mo, Jao, Tomas, R-Ji, and Alas, respectively. BINI and ALAMAT (or, as we now know them to be, “BINILAT”) have made waves online not just for their music and their talent, but also for their friendship and their collaborations.

Whether it’s running on pure unserious BFF energy online, spearheaded by “BINILAT presidents” Maloi of BINI and Jao of ALAMAT, or maximizing their joint slay as musicians and performers, the two P-pop groups are growing in popularity and success individually and as an unofficial unit. Check out some of the many moments where BINI and ALAMAT were the best of industry friends below.


BINI and ALAMAT took to the stage for a collaborative performance of their songs Na Na Na and kbye at the Tugatog Music Festival back in 2022. They were having a blast singing, rapping, and dancing all together as one P-pop supergroup. They even had some fun fan interactions while showing off their live skills.


@alamat.official Happy Anniversary ALAMAT, and Belated Happy Anniversary BINI!! here's a little treat Blooms, and mga Magiliw!! ✨ #AlamatDayAndNightDC #BINI_PantropikoDC ♬ original sound – ALAS DA GREAT

One of the biggest BINILAT highlights saw the two groups perform a mashup of BINI’s viral hit Pantropiko and ALAMAT’s Day and Night, a mashup that ALAMAT member Alas created himself! “PANDAN” is an amalgamation of the two songs’ titles, so there’s really no shortage of witty name combos when it comes to these two groups. They filmed the TikTok collab backstage at the UP Fair in celebration of ALAMAT’s third anniversary, BINI’s (very late) anniversary, and generally, their growing joint virality.


P-pop idol and BINI leader Jhoanna isn’t just a musician. The 20-year old is also an actress, and had a starring role as the princess (or lakamBINI) in the music video for ALAMAT’s megahit Maharani. Jhoanna and ALAMAT learned how to dance the Singkil for the video. Taneo said of the BINI member, “Sobrang professional niya, sobrang galing niya.” It’s also in the behind-the-scenes were Jhoanna calls the group welcoming and herself says, “Go BINILAT!”


@bini_mikha With alamat bestie mwa luv u kahit nakikipag argue ka chz HAHA #binimikha #bini #alamatjao ♬ SHOOTING STAR – XG

These days, what’s a friendship without a TikTok together? Of course, being composed of Gen Z artists means they’re right on top of all the trends—whether it’s their own or just a random TikTok trend. From Jhoanna using Alas’ TikTok sound to duo TikToks by Maloi, Mikha, and Jao, BINILAT has the trend game on lock.


@bini_ph #BINI : UP, MAG-INGAY!🙌🏻 -BINI Na-miss niyo ba ang ingay at saya ng POP Rising: #UPFairTuesday with our performances? Because we sure did! 🎶🎙️😍 Join us as we bring back the vibrant 'Iskolar ng Bayan' energy with our #BINI_inReelLife!🎥 PS: Kita-kits ulit tayo tomorrow at #UPFairSaturday: #REV2024! #UPFair2024 #FebIbigWithBINI ♬ original sound – BINI PH

The UP Fair saw BINI and ALAMAT in the same lineup, and neither skimped on their support for each other both backstage and on stage. Whether it’s the girl group inciting cheers for ALAMAT at the end of their set or the boy group cheering on the girls backstage before they went on, they hyped each other up all the way.


Speaking of supportive! At the 2022 POPstival event, ALAMAT (who were done performing) were seen jamming to BINI’s performance near the end of the night. BINI revealed that ALAMAT was waiting for them and that they were actually going to be on a flight to Bacolod for another event. Booked and busy besties.


Besides crossing paths IRL, BINILAT show their friendship across social media platforms, whether on TikTok or on X. Ever supportive, constantly hilarious, it’s clear that the members of each group have formed some great, supportive friendships as they pursue their careers—and this is only the beginning. We’re seated for more interactions, more TikToks, more collabs, and more joint slays by BINILAT.

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