Andrea Brillantes Is Serving Star Girl Realness With These Bomb OOTDs

She's THAT girl.

With these outfits, Andrea Brillantes is proving that she’s not just a star on screen, but also a stellar icon in the fashion scene.

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In an ever-evolving landscape of pop culture, phrases and nicknames take on new lives, adapting to the spirit of their times. The term star girl is no exception. With diverse interpretations, it has affectionately served as an endearment to address someone special and found its place in the music world when immortalized by The Weeknd’s Stargirl Interlude. Today, in the era of social media, self-expression, and trendsetting that defines Gen Z, the term has evolved into the latest incarnation of the legendary IT GIRL.

When we’re talking about style, star girls have a certain aesthetic — a seamless blend of edgy and elegant elements in their wardrobe choices. And one celebrity comes to mind who embodies all that: Andrea Brillantes. As a promising talent in primetime telenovelas and a trending content creator on TikTok, we already know she’s killing it in the industry. But have you seen the bomb OOTDs on her Instagram? With these outfits, this actress is proving that she’s also a stellar icon in the fashion scene.

A Hotter Take on Travel Style

When we think of travel style, we typically imagine a comfortable sweater and sweatpants set for a cold car ride. However, that’s not the case for Andrea Brillantes because she takes it to the next level with an all-black attire. Instead of opting for casual loungewear, the actress chooses to make a statement with a suit and tie that’s tastefully completed with Prada accessories. As if that wasn’t enough to turn heads, her ensemble is completed with a touch of luxury – a Rolls Royce ride.

Brown is the New Black

Whether it’s pairing brown with black or wearing this specific shade alone, at some point in time, someone, somewhere, made people believe that the color brown isn’t wearable. There are certain combinations that you may find more flattering, but brown is considered a neutral color, meaning it’s a perfect match for your whole wardrobe. If you need ideas on what to wear with your brown pants or brown top, take a cue from Andrea Brillantes and wear them as a coordinated set.

Monochromatic Moments at Milan Fashion Week

It wasn’t a competition, but Andrea Brillantes basically stole the spotlight at Milan Fashion Week. Besides her interactions with Hunter Schafer and the real-life Little Mermaid, the actress’ show-stopping outfits became moments in and of themselves. It’s no wonder why every designer piece went viral and was named top Tiktok creator for Fashion Week SS24 under the Actors category. Our personal pick of her fire fits is this Versace color-coordinated ensemble. If you’re in need of your daily dose of Vitamin C, we can look to a more organic source for color inspiration: orange.

Runway Ready, Always

What completes that star girl aesthetic are paparazzi photos, and there’s no better way to look like she’s runway-ready than in a Michael Leyva creation. While it’s giving ’90s Hollywood Glam, this post alone proves that she’s nothing short of a shining star.

Pulling Off a Pair of Bayonetta Glasses

Like history repeating itself, fashion has its full-circle moments. From Y2K to retro-inspired palettes, what was once considered out of style suddenly becomes the next coveted trend. A chic case in point: a pair of Bayonetta glasses.

Decades after Gisele Bündchen served them in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, this accessory is making a major comeback in fashiontok. We’ve seen the trend and perhaps even experimented with the look, but we can all agree that nobody has quite pulled off the Bayonetta glasses like Queen Blythe. The actress donned this particular pair countless times, and it became a fan favorite due to this laid-back look, featuring an all-black combination and a clean hairstyle. Again, a seamless blend of edgy and elegant.

The Star Girl Aesthetic for School Girlies

We’re well beyond the days of simply wearing initials on your necklace or varsity jacket. Just take a look at Andrea Brillantes, who donned a bold ‘B’ on her blazer, effortlessly blending school-friendly style with academic vibes. She’s serving fitspos for those who want to make a fashionable statement in a scholarly setting. The best part? You can also mimic her hairstyle and black boots. At this point, Andrea is truly giving a head-to-toe guide for fashion girlies.

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