All The Times Andrea Brillantes Was The Main Character At Concerts

Ang tunay na pinagpala sa lahat.

Sana all can vent to Sabrina Carpenter about their love life.

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With ticket prices these days, just being able to attend a concert is enough for us. But sometimes, our inner delulu pines for more, in particular, having that special one-on-one moment with our fave musician. You’ve probably seen those moments where artists pick out someone from the crowd to bring on stage and serenade them or have a special moment in the spotlight. You then wonder to yourself , how can I live that Y/N life? But for Andrea Brillantes, she doesn’t need to wonder because she’s lived it multiple times.

As if Blythe’s life hasn’t been blessed enough, over the years, the Gen Z star has not only attended the concerts of some of the biggest musicians in the world, but they’ve also interreacted with her, which led to moments that broke the internet. While some may say that she’s an attention seeker, we see it as living the fangirl life in situations that we all wouldn’t mind doing if given the chance. Scroll down for the times Blythe radiated main character energy at concerts.


Even during her early teen years, Blythe was already in that Y/N life with global pop stars. Case in point, Andrea was living every Arianators’ dream when she met Ariana backstage during her Manila stop of the Honeymoon Tour in 2015, was standing by the barricade, and got recognized by Ariana when she was seen on the screen at the Araneta Coliseum. The fact that Ariana said that she remembered Blythe when she saw her in the crowd, Andrea was winning that night.


Promposals can sometimes be grand gestures of love that are meticulously thought out. But Blythe decided to one-up everyone during prom season 2023 when she had BLACKPINK help her in her promposal. During the group’s concert at the Philippine Arena earlier this year, Rose noticed Blythe’s sign asking BLACKPINK to help her prompose to Ricci Rivero. Soon enough, one of the biggest girl group’s in the world got involved in the moment which, as we all know, led to a yes. In hindsight, the moment didn’t age well considering where the two ended up, but at least Blythe has a fun story to tell her kids in the future.


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If Blythe got BLACKPINK to help her prompose to Ricci, she’s venting to Sabrina Carpenter about the downfall of her relationship. ICYDK, Sabrina has a moment in her Emails I Can’t Send world tour where she interviews an audience member in the front row about their love life. And during her highly-anticipated Manila stop, Sabrina just so happened to interview Andrea. 

Blythe shared with Sabrina about her breakup and how she’s ready to leave it all in the past. At this point, we’re just living vicariously through Andrea in these moments. And we can all thank her sister, Kayla Aan, for the moment as she surprised Blythe with upgraded front-row tickets to Sabrina’s show when she was initially set to sit in Row 10.

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