Andrea Brillantes Had The Most Wholesome Interaction With Hunter Schafer

Jules, when was this?

Andrea Brillantes is taking over Milan Fashion Week with her killer looks and unexpected run-ins with A-list stars. 

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ICYDK, Andrea Brillantes has been living her best life in Italy recently, and not just for a vacation under the Italian sun, but also with her attendance at Milan Fashion Week. The Gen Z superstar, along with other big Filipino names, has been turning the fashion shows of Milan into their runways. In Andrea’s case, she’s been turning heads by serving looks with her appearances at major houses like Versace and Gucci.

But aside from attending some of the biggest shows of the season, Andrea has also been rubbing shoulders with A-listers, from Emma Chamberlain, Halle Bailey, and NewJeans’ Hanni, and even being in the same room as her ultimate idol, Kylie Jenner. But there’s one star Blythe met that happened in the most random yet wholesome circumstances. That’s the situation Bylthe found herself in when she met Hunter Schafer.


Picture the scenario, you’re filming a TikTok in a hallway before someone appears looking to cross. Naturally, you’d give way. But what if that person so happens to be Hunter Schafer? That’s the sana all experience Bylthe got in Milan. As seen in the video, as Blythe was busy filming a TikTok video with her head-to-toe Versace number, Hunter Schafer appeared, who looked stunning in Prada, and asked if she could cross the hallway to get to the elevator.

The two then had a little interaction with Andrea saying that she met her earlier and Hunter recognized her and gave the star a beso. Hunter even complimented Blythe on her outfit and called her beautiful. And the best part about this wholesome moment is that the Euphoria star looked back for one final goodbye. 

@blythe Replying to @Andrea Brillantes my gosh napapanood ko lang sya!🥹 #fyp #fashionweek #euphoria #hunterschafer ♬ original sound – Andrea Brillantes

Naturally, the sweet moment left Andrea shook given how unexpected it was, and TBH, same. Imagine Hunter Schafer waiting for you to finish filming a TikTok video? It’s giving successful fangirl energy. Andrea Brillantes in Euphoria season 3 when? Blythe really stays winning and we love to see it. If she isn’t attending the hottest shows of the season, Andrea is meeting stars left and right. And let this moment also serve as a lesson to not be shy of filming TikTok videos in hallways, you just never know who’ll you run into. 

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