Achieve Belle Mariano’s Fierce Beauty Looks From Her NYLON Manila Cover

Belle's face card never declines.

Known for her subtle looks, Belle Mariano is branching out when it comes to beauty. She can rock any look, but this one might just be the most striking one yet.

A new year, a fresh clean slate. 2022 was a lot to say the least, and that holiday break was everything we needed to start anew. Just like us, Belle Mariano had her ups and downs, but she is ready to take off and take on the opportunities ahead her.

NYLON Manila Belle Mariano Cover Shoot

For the first ever NYLON Manila cover shoot this 2023, Belle Mariano gave us range. Here, she’s stepping out of her girl-next-door era, and tapping into the fierce woman that she is. To match the cover’s theme, Belle’s glam team focused on clean lines, and minimal makeup. Here’s how you can achieve it, too. 


NYLON Manila Belle Mariano Cover Shoot

Anyone else expected this ‘do from Belle? Characterized by its long, straight locks and sharp, defined bangs, the Hime haircut is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their look. The style can be worn by all types of face shapes, and can be customized to suit individual preferences and features. This means that whether you have a round or square face, you can still rock the Hime haircut and look fabulous. 

To get the look, ask for a straight cut with a brow-length fringe to shape the face. Looking to change it up? Ask for layers and an asymmetrical middle fringe for an edgy look. 


NYLON Manila Belle Mariano Cover Shoot

Nobody does clean beauty better than Belle Mariano. For her latest cover, Makeup artist Jake Galvez applied a skin-like base to showcase her flawless complexion and natural glow. To add color and dimension to the face, he applied a cool toned contour shade and a peachy blush— just the right amount, not too much, because less is always more. 

For that flawless Belle Mariano glow, consider putting skin-tint at the back of your hand and applying with your fingers to warm up the product for more coverage, without it looking cakey. With a fluffy brush and a light handed application, use minimal product and apply more when needed. 


NYLON Manila Belle Mariano Cover Shoot

We all love a natural glam mug, but a cat eye just gives any look more oomph, don’t you think? Instead of the average nude eye, makeup artist Jake Galvez took the edgier approach with a striking bold liner on the lids. Still, the cat-eye gave a clean and minimalist look alongside her natural complexion. 

While liner may be intimidating to some, don’t be afraid to experiment! Afterall, the longer the liner, the more cut-throat cat eye. Use a pencil liner as a guide and fill in the gaps with a pigmented black eyeliner pen.


NYLON Manila Belle Mariano Cover Shoot

You can match your cat eye with any lip color, but if you’re going for a minimalist approach, a nude lip will do you no wrong. To tie everything together, Jake Galvez opted for a warm nude shade. 

Quick tip: Nude lipstick shades differ depending on your skin tone. While this may be the case, there may be a possibility for you to look washed out. Use a darker brown shade to line the lips then apply your nude shade in the middle for a defined and clean look.

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