7 Netflix Philippines Ads That Captured the Pinoy Spirit

What do we need to do to turn these ads into real movies?

From hearing Rufa Mae Quinto’s “todo na ‘to” again to the Sexbomb Girls reunion everyone needed, here’s some of the satisfying ads from Netflix Philippines that just hit so close to home.

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Over the years, Netflix has established itself as a go-to platform of many for their entertainment needs. Here in the Philippines, Netflix has also made sure that Filipino audiences’ cravings for more local content are sated by making original Pinoy shows and movies. But being the creative streaming giant that it is, Netflix also spotlights Filipino culture in some of its promotional materials that, while are ostensibly a marketing ploy (and very effective ones at that), still manage to tickle the hearts of many Pinoys. Below are just some of Netflix Philippines’ local ads that are so satisfyingly Pinoy.


In an April 2022 ad, Netflix taps into one of the most intact customs of Filipinos, being a “Marites.” Titled May K Ka Pala?, the two-minute commercial sees Netflix deftly blending the Pinoy chismis culture with the promotion of its Korean shows. From the rumor of two people defying distance a la The King to the chismis of a mother who looks just like the creepy doll in Squid Game, Netflix sure knows how to pass the gossip around Pinoy style. 


Speaking of chismis, here’s another Netflix campaign where the local Marites culture is once again foregrounded. In Detectives vs Chismosas, Filipino investigative journalists Ces Drilon, Chira Zambrano, and Jing Castañeda (the Detectives) battle it out with showbiz reporters and content creators Jobert Sucaldito, IC Mendoza, and Claro the Third (the Chismosas) in a murder mystery showdown. 

Just in time for the premiere of the hit Rian Johnson whodunnit Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the 24-minute ad finds the local personalities channeling their inner Benoit Blanc as they solve puzzles, uncover clues, and decode the mystery behind a murder perpetrated by a tech billionaire (played by comedian James Caraan). You’re in for some valuable Pinoy mother-taught lessons too.


“How to landi?” That’s what this next Netflix Philippines ad delves into and to be honest, nothing could be more Pinoy conyo than that. Released during the first Valentine’s after pandemic, Channel Your Inner Lara Jean finds Filipino cupids revising their game plan and devising new strategies to get Pinoys’ flirting game back to normal just like, well, Lara Jean from Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise. 

With spot-on performances from Comedy Manila’s Red Ollero, James Caraan, GB Labrador, Yuki Horikoshi, Aldo Cuervo, Alexio Tabafunda, Roger Naldo and TikTok star Pipay Kipay as cupids armed with bow and arrow and clad in adult diapers, the ad has all Filipino conceptions about love in full display, plantitos’ passion and gayuma included.


Probably the only Filipino personality that can do justice to the role of Wednesday Addams, drag queen Xilhouete is, well, perfectly smart, sarcastic, and a little dead inside in this Netflix ad for the platform’s record-breaking show, Wednesday. From unapologetically coasting through the hassle of traffic like a pro to that tiyanak doll scheme to that merciless elevator clapback, Netflix’s What Would Wednesday Do? sure knows what all of us Pinoys would do.


One of the most viewed Netflix Philippines promos, this glamorous Bridgerton parody takes the lush extravagance of the Regency era to New Manila. In a local mansion accurately transformed into some early 19th century British manor, TikTok superstars Justine Luzares, Pipay, Ychan Laurenz, Paula Pelaez, and GaiaPoly are dressed to the nines, enjoying their company while having a cuppa together. With a classical rendition of Juan Caoile and Kyleswish’s Marikit, this really is the Pinoy Bridgerton we didn’t know we needed.


Earlier this month, Netflix rocked the world of Filipinos once more with an advert that features one of the quintessential queens of Filipino pop culture. Yes, the Rufa Mae Quinto. In Kill Boksoon: Todo na ‘to!, Rufa Mae is truly in her element, throwing her iconic lines while being in Gil Bok-soon mode, with guns blazing and some sword fighting. It’s the Rufa Mae Quinto comeback we need and deserve.


Here’s the biggest comeback that Netflix Philippines has made possible this year. After some aeons, the OG girl group Sexbomb Girls reunited for a special moment as they spread the news of the streaming platform’s newest and more affordable subscription tiers. And they did so dressed as some of the streaming platform’s most iconic characters. To say that it was an effective ad is an understatement as it only became the most viewed promo video from Netflix Philippines to date.

When Netflix teased about this, a lot of Pinoys fainted for a minute and thought of the legendary, 26-season spanning Daisy Siete getting a Netflix treatment. But hey, seeing Rochelle, Jopay, Che-che, Sunshine, Mia, and Johlan singing the iconic The Spageti Song and rekindling everyone’s childhood memories is pretty satisfying enough. But no, yeah, we all still need Daisy Siete on Netflix plus a comeback concert ASAP.

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