5 Things We Didn’t Know About Nadine Lustre That Were Revealed In Her First Vlog

Prepare to get nostalgic.

From her childhood best friend to her inspiration growing up, here are the things to know about Nadine Lustre that will make you love her even more.

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Everyone knows Nadine Lustre. Being the award-winning pop culture multi-hyphenate that she is, Nadine has proven that when it comes to acting, singing, performing, and pretty much everything else, she is someone to look up to.

And as the multimedia superstar ventures into another chapter of her life, entering the vlogging sphere, Nadine gives us another channel to know her better and deeper. For her first vlog entry, she takes us into a nostalgic ride down memory lane as she gets personal and lets us in on her colorful childhood memories. From her idiosyncratic best friend to her very first project, here are some interesting things we just discovered about Nadine Lustre that will deepen your appreciation for her. 


Nadine Lustre vlog

Just like us, Nadine Lustre also dreamed many dreams when she was a kid. “I wanted to be many things,” she recalls. A “huge anime girl,” she shares that some of them include becoming a manga artist and a voice actor, while a shot of a Ghost Fighter poster rolls in the vlog. Leaning more into her artistic side, she also wanted to be a painter and a photographer. And knowing the multi-talented artist that she is, we know that Nadine can very well pursue these dreams and still be great at it. She’s Nadine Lustre for a reason.


Nadine Lustre vlog

Definitely a highlight of Nadine’s introspective vlog is when she shares that she used to have a best friend that she’d always talk to. It’s not human or a pet, but a sweet-looking caterpillar stuffed toy named Cathy, who knows all of her secrets. It’s a special snapshot of Nadine’s childhood that will make you look for your own Cathy in your baul and just get wistful about your innocent days.


Nadine Lustre vlog

From being a member of the Pinoy girl group Pop Girls to being one-half of one of the most beloved love teams in the country to being a decorated artist on her own terms, we know that Nadine Lustre has done all of it with flying colors. But did you know that her first-ever project was a New Year’s ad about the dangers of firecrackers? Yes, we stan a socially aware young Nadine.


Nadine Lustre vlog

While not surprising, it’s endearing to know how so much of a bibo kid Nadine Lustre was. After her first gig, Nadine went on to become one of the young hosts of a kids show about a local theme park. This is on top of her Disney Channel host stint when she was the only Filipino kid in a group of five chosen among hundreds of aspirants. 

But while her accomplishments at a young age seem to be indicative of her bright future ahead, Nadine admits that she never expected to be where she is right now. Thanks to her parents who saw her full potential and encouraged her to put herself out there, we now have a Nadine Lustre who is a sheer inspiration to those other bibo kid dreamers.


Nadine Lustre vlog

You might be wondering about who inspired someone like Nadine Lustre to reach her dreams. “I love Britney Spears,” she says in the vlog. “I told myself I was gonna be like her when I grew up.” Nadine was so inspired by the Princess of Pop she’d watch her Dream Within A Dream concert five times a day. (Mood TBH.) And with the overwhelming success story that Nadine Lustre is, we know even Britney herself would be proud. 

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