It Took 200 Hours To Make Nadine Lustre’s Attack On Titan-Inspired Look For Her Absolute Madness Concert

The finale look was done with almost zero fittings and face-to-face interaction.

Nadine Lustre’s finale look for her Absolute Madness concert had a lot of time and pop culture threaded into it. We have all the details and more.

Along with amazing stage design and choreography, a performance wouldn’t be complete without show-stopping outfits. For Nadine Lustre’s Absolute Madness concert last Saturday, her striking finale look took inspiration from an unlikely source, one of her favorite animé shows, Attack on Titan.

In the finale performance, Nadine Lustre has finally reached her higher self as she sang Wildest Dreams. Beginning with a flashy outfit, which then shifted to all black and then all white, she ended strong in a spectrum of colors. While the rest of the stage was in grayscale, her kaleidoscope-like look was a sight to behold. The colorful catsuit with psychedelic prints was created by fashion designer Jaggy Glarino and took a total of 200 hours to make.

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Jaggy’s mastery of garment-making was evident in this look that he made for Nadine Lustre. Citing references such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, and his own signature sculptural knits, it was a challenge he was up to task for. “We wanted to create something that is as strong as an armor, yet as liberating as a second skin,” the designer shares.”

If Nadine Lustre became a Titan just like in her favorite show, then this would be her fit. Yes, complete with the Air Jordan 1s similar to Miles Morales of Into the Spiderverse. This is her version of a supersuit and she owned it. Marvel Cinematic Universe, when?

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Nadine Lustre Absolute Madness concert fashion style outfit
Nadine Lustre Absolute Madness concert fashion style outfit

The way the sculptural knits of the garment follow the curves of her body is immaculate. The psychedelic print with rhinestones that were strategically placed made it even more hypnotizing. Not to mention her backup dancers’ all-white outfits that further emphasized the colors of Nadine’s look.

Nadine Lustre Absolute Madness concert fashion style outfit
Nadine Lustre Absolute Madness concert fashion style outfit
Nadine Lustre Absolute Madness concert fashion style outfit

It’s always a mix of emotions when you finish your work. However, what is certain is that the jitters and doubts fade away once your vision comes to life. As Jaggy reveals, “the amount of anxiety doing this project is beyond imaginable… from the uncertainties as to how prints would look like on the body, how the bodysuit fits her with the lack of fitting, to the last minute additional material requirements. That is the fun and the fearful part when doing clothes with a very limited time. You literally can’t afford to have so much mistakes.”

On being able to see the look on Nadine Lustre, Jaggy said that he felt ecstatic. “I have been able to make pieces for Nadine in the past but most of them are for editorial shoots and covers. This time it is different since I could see the piece in motion and being worn while Nadine is performing. It was a great learning experience especially that this project is a crossover between haute/conceptual fashion with costume and stage clothing.”

Nadine Lustre Absolute Madness concert fashion style outfit

Photography ANDREI SULEIK (Backstage photos), ED ENCLONA (Concert photos)

Styling LYN ALUMNO assisted by MJ ALMERO




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