Nadine Lustre reworked fashion absolute madness concert style outfit

Nadine Lustre’s White Outfit For Absolute Madness Was Made of 10+ Upcycled Fabrics

Here's to staying sustainable and supporting local designers.

A fantasy as Absolute Madness was, it showed that there’s beauty in the deconstruction of clothes and Nadine Lustre agrees.

Major congratulations are in store for Nadine Lustre as she wrapped up her first solo concert, Absolute Madness, produced by independent label Careless Music. The dramatic digital concert, which was theatrical in every aspect, was centered on her journey in show business and her response to all the controversies that have surrounded her throughout her career. The performance of her songs, the production and script, and even the outfits were major keys in the storytelling of Nadine’s narrative so far. One of the outfits that stood out? The all-white reconstructed look she wore for her Save A Place, Complicated Love and Grey Skies performance.

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An advocate for sustainability and supporting local brands, Nadine Lustre wore an outfit created by local designer XYQD PH that was made out of 10 different secondhand garments that they reworked. “It took sometime to cut the pieces, because we had to keep in mind which fabric to cut for each pattern piece.” If looking for the perfect fabric is challenging enough for most designers, XYQD took it further by sourcing and splicing garments to create their own unique design.

Nadine Lustre absolute madness style outfit fashion concert

It wasn’t the first time that XYQD PH designed for Nadine. With their craftsmanship for reworking and deconstructing clothes, they also created looks for her Wildest Dreams visual album, her birthday shoot, and for a commercial shoot with Oppo.

Making sure that there’s zero waste in their pieces, the designer keeps all the fabrics even after the production. “As for the excess fabrics or scraps, we keep all the large pieces and pick out large enough scraps as we clean the studio and keep them in a bin for future projects.”

The all-white outfit mirrored the elements of the concert’s plot as well. It was Nadine’s outfit when she sang the medley of Save A Place, Complicated Love with James Reid and Grey Skies. These were songs that were emotionally-charged and vulnerable, hence the color palette of mostly white, cream, and nude. The deconstructed fabrics were similar to broken fragments that were being pieced together again to form something new, something pure. The strings were also a poetic way of saying she’s no longer restrained by anything. For Nadine Lustre, this only means she’s off to a fresh start.

Photography ANDREI SULEIK (Backstage photos), ED ENCLONA (Concert photos)

Styling LYN ALUMNO assisted by MJ ALMERO




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