Why XG Is The Rookie Girl Group That You Need To Add To Your Playlist ASAP

Monster rookies.

If you aren’t following XG, then you’re missing out on one of the most exciting rookie girl groups right now.

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It doesn’t take a lot to realize that girl groups have been making major moves as of late. LE SSERAFIM, NewJeans, IVE, STAYC, and G(I)-IDLE just to name a few have earned global hits within the past year. And in this modern girl group renaissance is an all-Japanese group who, despite only having a handful of songs and performance videos under their belt so far, have already caused shifts within the community. This group is none other than XG.


XG, whose name stands for Xtraordinary Girls, is a seven-member girl group from the global entertainment production company XGALX. With a mission to “produce artists with a defined worldview, creating a culture of bold creativity,” the company formed what can be described as seven centers in one group. Members JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA display a level of talent, polish, and skill that is rarely seen in a rookie group. Eschewing simple labels, they are a global girl group whose music is sung in Japanese, English and Korean. It was apparent from the jump with their debut single Tippy Toes in early 2022.

The song showed immense promise with its hip-hop/R&B tones and was further realized in their follow-up, MASCARA. The track, which hit number one on the iTunes chart in 17 countries, is as catchy as it is empowering with the message of being a boss. And if that wasn’t enough, the girls, specifically the rap-line COCONA, MAYA, HARVEY, JURIN, left social media quaking with their uber viral [XG TAPE #2] GALZ XYPHER. It was a performance so good, it even caught the attention of some of the original artists.

Proving that 2022 was no fluke, the group came back strong with the dreamy R&B number SHOOTING STAR this January. A pre-release photo of all the members in blue hair set the internet ablaze while the actual song added even more fuel to the fire. From the track, looks, choreography, vocals, bars, and more, their new era feels fresh yet classic at the same time. Needless to say, XG is not one to be messed with. Get to know more about the group, their new music, their viral rap cipher, and more in our one-on-one interview with the girls.

XG girl group 2023

For people who are unfamiliar with XG, how would you describe the group?

JURIN: XG is a global girl group with inspiration from hip-hip/R&B, and we made our debut in March 2022. We recently released our third single, SHOOTING STAR. Our group name, XG, is an acronym for “Xtraordinary Girls,” meaning that we’re unconventional and out of the box. We want to deliver what only XG can do to everyone around the world with our music and performances, without being constrained or stuck in any convention or mold.

You’ve only been active for less than a year yet you’ve received a lot of hype. How do you guys feel about all the positive praise you’ve been getting?

JURIA: I’m so happy about it, and it boosts our confidence. We’ll keep pushing forward to bring more courage, confidence, hope, and emotion to even more people across the globe!!

JURIN: Honestly, I’m absolutely thrilled. Even though I’m Japanese, we’re a unique team that also sings in English and Korean, aiming to become a global group. I’m very thankful to those who have been receptive to our music and enjoy it, and we intend to keep doing unconventional and unexpected things that only we can do, so please continue to support us.

XG girl group 2023

What do you think it is about XG that helps the group stand out from the crowd?

HINATA: Our teamwork is our biggest strength; we’re basically joined at the hip. When talking to Simon and the members, I get a lot of inspiration and learn new things, and it makes me feel like I’m floating through space.

JURIN: I’m really glad to hear that. I think we were different from other groups in a lot of ways, even since we were trainees. We all put everything on the line to be here: school life, and a future outside of XG, we put all of that on hold and placed all of our chips on XG. That’s why I think we, among ourselves, as well as with our producer Simon and all the staff have developed such a deep bond, making us a really unique group! When I’m chatting with my XG friends, we always come up with really unexpected and fun things, and making that a reality is so fun for me!

COCONA: It’s because each one of us is really passionate about making our dream come true. We were taught a lot about passion when we were trainees, so each one of us has a lot of passion. That naturally leads to more practice and more refined details. I think it’s the passion that really sets us apart.

XG girl group 2023

A major breakthrough for the group in 2022 was the release of the GALZ XYPHER that went viral all over social media. Could you share how you guys chose the songs and how you prepared for the performance?

MAYA: I was so surprised and happy that so many people watched our GALZ XYPHER video and reacted positively to it. For that video, we all chose tracks that we like. I like tracks with a fast beat or that have a powerful sound, so I chose Dreamville’s Down Bad. Also, we gave each other feedback on our gestures and performances.

COCONA: It’s such an honor to be told that! I’ve been a big fan of J.I.D.’s raps since I was a trainee, so I chose his track. The three other members and I also stayed up late to give each other advice on our gestures to help us further draw out our personalities.

XG girl group 2023

Did you expect the video would do as well as it did?

JURIN: I did want the video to go viral, but I never imagined it would be received the way it was. In fact, COCONA’s part made its way to J.I.D., who did the original track, and I was really moved by how so many famous people and artists reacted to it. We’ll do our best to keep evolving and show our growth as artists.

HARVEY:  I never thought so many people would watch it. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment as well as was deeply moved by all the kind words and positive reactions, and it really made me reflect on our story of how we worked so hard to get to this point. We’ll continue to level up so that everyone can continue to enjoy our content!

What can ALPHAZ (the name of their fandom) expect from your new music?

JURIN: I want to tell all the ALPHAZ to “trust yourself and be what you want to be.” The lyrics for SHOOTING STAR are imbued with our dreams of wanting to grow into global artists, while LEFT RIGHT is a pledge to keep moving forward toward that goal, or “the only direction I know,” as the line in the song says. Trusting yourself and being what you want to be is something that can apply to anyone, and I believe that it’s the meaning of life. It’s just what I think personally, but I believe our two singles really represent XG’s new image.

I love doing things that nobody has ever imagined. I find it alluring. Seeing someone do something that nobody’s ever imagined before gives me a lot of courage. I think a lot of people who listened and watched to these two new songs were surprised at our new visuals and the all-new XG. I hope we give you courage! Let’s work hard together by listening to these songs!

XG girl group 2023

All of the members sporting blue are so visually striking. What was the concept behind the look?

CHISA: The theme of SHOOTING STAR is “neo-romanticism,” and the track has a dreamy mood, yet still retains XG’s identity, and is very edgy. I think it best showcases the all-new XG!

Given how a lot of people see you as rising stars, do you feel a pressure to live up to expectations?

JURIN: I don’t feel any pressure. We’re just going to proceed at our own pace, constantly staying true to ourselves!

JURIA: I don’t have any pressure about having to live up to expectations, but I do feel passionate about wanting to live up to the expectations of our fans around the world. I promise we’ll become big global stars!!

XG girl group 2023

Despite your young age, you guys look so confident in your stages and performances. Where do you think this confidence comes from?

HARVEY: The bond that we’ve all established together has translated into my confidence. Our journey so far, as well as the things we’ve seen and experienced, have all made me stronger. Having the members helps me feel safe as well as makes me unafraid of anything, and lets me feel like I can accomplish anything.

MAYA: I think it comes from practicing together daily and just chatting!! During practice, we make sure to stay on top of all the little details as if it’s the actual performance, while when we’re performing, we make sure to have fun. The more we practice, the more we improve, and it leads to our confidence. Also, we think it’s important to watch each other’s performances as we practice.

XG girl group 2023

What can we expect from XG in 2023?

JURIN: I mentioned this briefly earlier, but in 2023 I hope we’re starting with SHOOTING STAR, and I hope to have more opportunities to meet all of the ALPHAZ! I believe we’ll be able to deliver more of XG’s world to you all, so please look forward to that! Please continue to support us from here on out.

What message do you have for your ALPHAZ?

JURIN: All ALPHAZ! Thank you so much for your support of XG. We’re starting 2023 with SHOOTING STAR, and I hope we have even more opportunities to meet and hang out with everyone! I hope you all look forward to the things we have planned! Love you always! I can’t wait to see you all in person.

CHISA: Thank you so, so much for all your support! I’m always full of gratitude! The ALPHAZ is a big motivating factor for us, and a single message from you guys gives us so much energy, which helps us get through each day! In 2023, we’re starting with SHOOTING STAR and LEFT RIGHT, bringing you an all-new XG, so I hope we all hop on the same boat and push forward! In 2023, I hope to meet as many ALPHAZ as possible.

XG girl group 2023

HINATA: Thank you always for all your support! The ALPHAZ are so precious to us, XG. We’ll keep progressing to continue to deliver new and improved versions of XG, as well as continue to deliver excitement, so ALPHAZ! Stick with us! I love, love, love, love you all!

HARVEY: I can’t wait to meet all the ALPHAZ! Thank you so much for supporting us and cheering us on no matter how far you are, and I love you all for that! Thanks for always gifting us with happiness. It’s all thanks to you guys that we can passionately follow our dreams! I hope to do my best to keep XG a shining star that lights up your future and makes your dreams come true! We’re going to keep bringing you new sides of XG, so please stay tuned! Let’s make some awesome memories together forever!

JURIA: I can’t wait to see all of you ALPHAZ! We’ll work hard one day at a time to make our dreams of having a world tour meeting you all come true!! Love you all.

XG girl group 2023

MAYA: Words can’t express my gratitude enough. I’m so thankful for all your cheers and how much you support XG to the fullest and send us huge amounts of love, I can’t even believe how happy that makes me! We’re just getting started, so please stay tuned to what we have to offer in the future! This year, I hope to meet you all in person and make more awesome memories. Thanks always! I love you all so much.

COCONA: I can’t express my love enough for the ALPHAZ. We had very few opportunities to meet all of you since we made our debut, so I hope that through SHOOTING STAR and our future work we can all meet up and talk. I love you all for always warmly watching over us from afar and moving along with us.

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