7 Reasons Why Ten Lee Is Superstar Material

TEN Is Made For Superstardom—Here Are A Few Reasons Why

We love an all-rounder.

WayV member and solo idol TEN has proven time and time again that he’s made to be a superstar.

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TEN, also known as Ten Lee, is a breakout star in his own right. A member of K-pop group NCT and it’s sub-unit WayV, as well as supergroup SuperM, TEN has boldly showcased his talents in singing, dancing, performing, as well in making creative and stylistic decisions.

The idol recently dropped his self-titled debut solo album TEN, after an all-out promo schedule that was filled with edgy, modern, and dynamic visuals that showed his distinct style. With the lead single Nightwalker, TEN radiates creepy in the coolest way possible, through an electronic track featuring plenty of falsetto and a dark, hair-raising music video—a stark contrast to the romantic, lighthearted and upbeat Lie With You.

Much of the reactions to and discourse surrounding TEN’s solo endeavors involve people picking up on him being soloist-worthy—a high compliment for idols whose careers often revolve around the groups they’re in. Plenty of idol group members have successfully ventured into going solo (while still being active in their groups), but it sometimes takes a special kind of idol to make it huge as a soloist while still bringing something new to the stage. Check out his new album TEN and we’ll leave it up to you, but here are a few reasons why we think TEN is made for superstardom.


TEN has always been creative, an artist in terms of actual visual art, fashion, style, concepts, music and every aspect of his work. He goes all out, from his hair to his outfits to the creative visual direction of his work—a true visionary. He’s unafraid to take risks and add a new level of creativity to what could just be simple concepts.


From Paint Me Naked to Birthday and now to his self-titled album, the concepts shown through his work have always been visually striking and meaningful. He’s committed to telling a cohesive story through his music and visual concepts, and all the concept photos, videos, and promos for his new album were no exception, showing off an edgier, eerier side of him that was an alluring companion to his music.


Primarily known also for his dancing skills, as well as being a main dancer in NCT and WayV, the Thai artist is regarded as one of the best dancers in the current lineup of K-pop idols. His center or solo dance moments often go viral, and he’s choreographed as well, sometimes with choreographer Bada Lee herself. With TEN’s smooth moves, versatile dancing style, and captivating stage presence, he’s a dancing superstar in his own right.


With over ten years of idol experience under his belt, TEN is no doubt a seasoned idol. At the age of 15, he competed in and eventually won a Thai talent competition Teen Superstar. All that experience, from competition shows to training as a rookie under SM Entertainment, he brought into the creation of his solo album, and it totally paid off.


Of course, a superstar has to be an all-rounder, and if you want to make it as a singer, you better be a great one. TEN has an impressive vocal range, and has been shown to be capable of handling different genres, from a louder, punk-rock song like Paint Me Naked to slower, emotional ballads like his cover of Baekhyun’s My Love on Masked Singer. Just recently, the idol competed in the South Korean singing show and showed off his pretty distinct pipes.


Being able to shine on a stage on your own, without being overwhelmed, is a testament to an idol’s skill and prowess, as well as their confidence. Just from his facial expressions and movements alone, TEN shows his ability to make sure he’s the only thing you’re looking at on that stage.


It must be a career peak for idols to be a mentor on shows where aspirants are trying to be like them. TEN has been a mentor on a couple of idol survival shows, like Great Dance Crew in 2022 and more recently Thai survival show Chuang Asia. He was able to provide insightful feedback and advice to the young contestants while also being able to showcase his own capabilities, exhibiting honed skill and and a desire to help others down the path of success. Inspiring icon!

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