6 Reasons Why G-Dragon And Sandara Park Will Always Be Our Ult K-pop Duo

Be still our Daragon hearts.

Times may change and generations may shift, but G-Dragon and Sandara Park will always have a special place in our hearts.

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Individually, G-Dragon and Sandara Park are legends in their own right. One is the leader of BIGBANG and one of the first K-pop stars to become a true global icon. The other is 2NE1’s fresh vocal and a multi-hyphenate whose talents are as eternal as her beauty. But together, the duo is a whole other force. They’ve known each other for nearly two decades and became fast friends during their early days at YG Entertainment.

As members of two of second generation’s biggest K-pop groups, they helped pave the way for others and established a friendship that has a fandom of its own. There’s a reason why the Daragon ship continues to sail after so many years. It’s a kind of bond that few can match. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane on the moments when GD and Dara got out hearts racing.


Ah, now that’s history. It’s been six years since G-Dragon performed in Manila. But what a concert it was considering how GD invited Sandara Park to make a surprise appearance at his concert in the country. GD in Manila couldn’t be complete without Dara, but seeing the moment come to life was core-memory worthy. Oh, and this was the time the duo had customized couples hoodies and had an IG live after the concert. GD and Dara together in Manila had Pinoys in a chokehold. What we would give to see G-Dragon and Dara on the same stage again.


GDragon and Nike Collab shoes given to Sandara Park

G-dragon and Sandara are some of the most stylish K-pop idols out there. And that’s partially thanks to the fact that the two have been known to share clothes. But what we love even more is that GD won’t hesitate to send Dara the apparel he’s worked on, like the times he would send her pairs of his shoes from his collabs with Nike. If Dara isn’t flexing his fashion label, she’s showing off the shoes GD gave her. Among Dara’s fly sneaker rotation are a few pairs of sneakers that hold sentimental value.  


On a calm Sunday night, G-Dragon decided to overload K-pop stans when he changed his Instagram display name from “G-DRAGON” to “G-DARAGON.” While it didn’t last long, seeing it happen was enough to make our hearts smile and send the ship sailing even farther. It was the closest yet to seeing GD recognize the Daragon ship. Whether it be GD or someone else who changed the name, we are thankful. Daragon stans are still winning in 2023.


Sandara Park

Even when they are low-key, GD and Dara still can get hearts fluttering. During Dara’s birthday in 2020, she posted on Instagram, thanking fans for their well wishes. And in the comments on the post was one that caught fans’ attention. It was from an account called “peaceminusone,” which wrote, “Noona, just pretend you don’t have birthdays anymore.” Considering how the account is believed by some to be GD’s personal account, you can bet how stans reacted. Even G-Dragon is enamored by Dara’s ageless beauty.   


While collaborations between GD and Dara are few and far in between, the ones we have will always be remembered. In particular, his collab with Sandara on Hello, which was from his debut solo album, has a special place in our hearts. And let’s not forget the time Dara made a special appearance during his performance of Crayon. Hello Daragon. When will you make new music together again?


Whether or not Sandara Park or G-Dragon will ever talk about if they ever dated is for them to decide. But one thing we love about the duo is how they can get in on the joke, too. Following the afterparty of BIGBANG’s concert in 2017, GD and Dara were spotted leaving the venue with GD’s arm around Dara’s head. Naturally, the move sparked fresh rounds of dating rumors. Sandara actually talked about it on a show once and said that the headlock was just a joke GD wanted to try. They know how to have fun, and cause fans to go crazy in the process.

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