11 Times Sandara Park Was That Supportive Unnie You Needed In Your Life

Always ready to be there for her little brothers.

Where can we find a friend like Sandara Park? Not only is she a talented musician and actress, Dara also has a heart of gold.

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Unless you’re new to the K-pop world, which we highly doubt, you would know that Sandara Park is a true OG in the scene. As a member of 2NE1, the girls were that group who’s helped break so many barriers not just for K-pop girl groups, but the genre in general. Even after their debut, the group’s influence is still felt to this day and their popularity remains unmatched. Dara, meanwhile, has shifted to a successful solo career that extends to singing, acting, and hosting. And with her impending solo debut under ABYSS, a new chapter of Dara is on the way.

But despite her icon status, Sandara is never one to snub or look down upon her fellow idols. She isn’t intimidating and in fact, is always there to support her co-workers, especially from the newer generations. Dara really is that big sis we all want. Here are just some of the times she showed support, whether it be to her fellow K-pop idols or her friends in the Philippines.   


These two really went from awkward labelmates to radiating big sis-little brother energy. That was on full display when Dara flew to Manila to support BamBam at the recent K-pop Masterz in Manila concert. For starters, she treated the GOT7 member to an inuman at Gerry’s Grill like the local connoisseur that she is. She then made an unexpected appearance at BamBam’s set and sang I Don’t Care by 2NE1. The fact that she said that she wasn’t prepared to perform just makes the whole thing extra special.


2NE1 and BIGBANG will forever be that iconic team up. And even after all these years, Dara is still close with the group. When the group had their long awaited comeback in April, Dara replied to a fan on Twitter that she was very excited for their return. There was also the time that she watched the group’s concert in Manila back in 2015 with Vice Ganda. And her continued friendship with G-Dragon will always get the internet talking.


Whenever we get Dara x TREASURE crumbs, we’re always going to eat it up. Even though the group debuted during the tail end of Dara’s time at YG, she still shows them love whenever she can. Most recently, she got to catch up with the boys backstage at the K-pop Masterz in Manila concert and shared with us these pictures. We’re hoping for more interactions between Dara and her baby brothers soon.


Dara’s soft spot for the boy groups of YG, or as she sees them, her little brothers, will always warm the heart. She responded to a fan on Twitter that she is always attend the concerts of WINNER and iKON if she can because they’re her little brothers. And speaking of the former, she did just that by attending their concert in Korea a few months ago. She’s also down to do TikToks with Hoony like the supportive bestie that she is.


The kind of bond Dara has with CL, Minzy, and Park Bom is one that any friend group would want. Even after their unjust disbandment, their relationship remains as strong as ever. And Dara being the supportive sister that she is, she is always ready to hype her fellow members. From promoting their solo projects, being on TV shows together, and celebrating each other’s birthdays, the friendship is real. Of course, we can’t forget to mention 2NE1’s reunion at Coachella back in April the low-key stopped the world. If ever one of them gets married we can already see them be each other’s bridesmaids. 


@itzyofficial #LOCOchallenge#CrownDance #왕관춤with #산다라박#ITZY #MIDZY #CRAZYINLOVE #ITZY_LOCO ♬ LOCO – ITZY

Asking your idol to do a TikTok video with you may be intimidating for song. But not when your idol is Sandara Park. ITZY guested on IDOL LEAGUE during their LOCO promotions and Sandara served as one of the hosts of their episode. Aside from those interactions, we also got this TikTok video of Lia, Yuna, and Chaeyoung dancing LOCO with Dara. Can we talk about how alike Lia and Dara look though.


Dara and SUNMI are icons of 2nd gen girl groups. But the two actually haven’t known each other for that long. The two are both part of ABYSS and only met each other for the first time in December 2021. But despite that, Dara and SUNMI have built a little friendship that we now is going to blossom. Take for example when Dara replied to her Tweet saying she liked her pic on the bike. Dara and SUNMI bike date when?


Even though the Kwon Twins aren’t technically K-pop idols, they are instrumental to the careers of many of our faves. They’ve danced alongside some of the biggest stars of YG, including 2NE1. And Dara was more than willing to show that love back when she asked her fans to support the twins during their participation in Street Fighter Man. We love an idol who supports her backup dancers.


@ace.performer AC Bonifacio impressed Sandara Park as she impersonate her. ?? #acbonifacio #dancer #sanadarapark #kiss ♬ Kiss (Dara) – 2NE1

Long after her acting career in the Philippines ended, Sandara’s connection to the country remains rock solid. And with that, she also is willing to share her time and wisdom to the newer generation of artists. When AC Bonifacaio was competing on Your Face Sounds Familiar, she had to impersonate Dara one week and do her iconic Kiss performance. Dara was kind enough to send a video to AC wishing her luck and giving her tips on how to impersonate her (she said AC needed to give strong eyes). Ate Sandara is the best.


What do you give someone like Vice Ganda on their birthday? For Sandara Park, it’s a birthday greeting from one of his favorite K-drama actors. During one of Vice’s birthday specials on his show Gandang Gabi Vice, Dara sent in a special birthday greeting. And to make things even better, she also got actor Jinyoung to greet Vice a happy birthday. At the time, the comedian was crushing over Jinyoung hard so the birthday greeting was truly special.


Dara is really our here making her friend Ana one of the luckiest EXO-Ls in the world. Most recently, she gifted Ana a poster of Kai signed by the K-pop idol himself. This isn’t the first time she’s gifted her A-tier EXO merch as, among other things, Dara has gifted Ana an album signed by all the members. And every time Ana gets a new gift, she gives the best reactions. Is Dara accepting applications for new friends?

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