Who Is Jikamarie? The Local Artist Confirmed as Coldplay’s Manila Opener

Get into her.

‘The biggest thing I’ve learned from my entire career is to always take a chance. Had I not tried to release a song and let people hear it, I never would’ve known that this was something I could do – that I had a chance with my dream.’

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The buzz is real—Jikamarie, the breakout sensation, just landed the prime spot as the local opener for Coldplay’s sold-out back-to-back shows in Manila on January 19 and 20, 2024, at the Philippine Arena.

Now, whether you’re riding the hype train or not, chances are you’ve bopped to her viral anthem lutang flooding TikTok and other platforms. That track slaps hard, no doubt. But if you’re craving more reasons to stan this rising talent, here’s the scoop on all things Jikamarie.

Musical Roots to Cosmic Stardom

Embedded in a family with deep musical roots and nurtured through her involvement as a choir member, Jikamarie found solace and self-expression in the art of songwriting. Her passion for music, a constant companion since childhood, blossomed into a creative force that propelled her into the forefront of the music scene.

During the peak of her emotional exhaustion amidst the lockdown, much like everyone else feeling stressed and worn out during that time, Jikamarie penned lutang, a song that has since soared past 20 million streams.

The Rise of a Tiktok Sensation

The meteoric rise of Jikamarie’s track surged through the expansive landscape of TikTok, its infectious melody and poignant lyrics striking a chord that reverberated deeply within audiences. Garnering an astounding 80,000 creations on the platform, the song swiftly ascended to the pinnacle of Spotify’s local and global charts.

Since that insane debut, she’s been on fire. Jikamarie absolutely owned the stage at the first-ever TikTok Philippines awards, dropped several singles that hit hundreds of thousands to millions of streams, and creatively collaborated with more local artists. But here’s the kicker—being chosen to kick off the show for one of today’s biggest global artists? That’s a whole new level of success for this 23-year-old musical sensation.

The Dream-Come-True Moment

The announcement of Jikamarie as Coldplay’s opening act for their Manila shows was a dreamlike moment for the rising star. Swirling with emotions upon receiving the news, Jika’s childhood adoration for Coldplay transformed into a tangible opportunity to grace the stage with a band she had admired since the beginning. For the singer-songwriter, this milestone represents more than just a performance; it’s the convergence of a lifelong dream with a newfound reality, sparking an overwhelming sense of excitement and gratitude that she generously shares with her fans, family, and friends.

Recalling the moment she learned about the opportunity, Jikamarie exclaimed, ‘I could not believe it! This is a band I’ve been listening to since I was in elementary! I didn’t have a phone then, so I’d wait for their music videos to play on MYX. I cried so hard to my family because of how excited I was when I found out.’

The Ever-Evolving Journey of Jika Marie

At the moment, Jikamarie is hustling hard, dropping new singles to spice up her ever-expanding repertoire. She’s teasing tracks like Hinahanap-Hanap, delving deep into the twisty maze of crushes, and lito, decoding those mixed signals we know a little well. To say the least, blending personal tales with universally relatable themes is Jikamarie’s jam.

Her next drop, bawi na lang sa next life, inspired by a famous Gen Z phrase, showcases her commitment to making her audience a part of the music-making process. She said it herself; she’s all about creating an interactive and immersive musical journey.

Looking back on her past year and ahead to what’s coming, she’s all about taking risks, saying, ‘The biggest thing I’ve learned from my entire career is to always take a chance. Had I not tried to release a song and let people hear it, I never would’ve known that this was something I could do – that I had a chance with my dream. I’m only just starting in my career and I’m excited to explore more of that with the people I love around me, and of course, Majika.’

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