Mga Lihim ni Arthur: This Rising Star Spills 5 Truths You Didn’t Know About Him

He's just like us!

With the release of ‘Lihim,’ let’s dive deep into the secrets of chart-topping artist Arthur Miguel.

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What started from YouTube covers, Arthur Miguel has paved the music scene with wonder tracks like Leron and Pasahili. With the help of his label Warner Music Philippines, the 23-year-old artist has amassed an impressive following of over 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, and his Spotify tracks have resonated with a remarkable audience of 3.5 million monthly listeners.

That said, we can only imagine how Arthur Miguel handles his new-found fame. While some artists wear a carefully constructed persona, this rising star isn’t afraid to share his truest self. With the release of new single Lihim, let’s dive deep into the secrets of this chart-topping artist.

The Extroverted Introvert

Whether you’re an actor, all-around performer, or content creator, it’s expected that the entertainment industry is filled with extroverts. Well, that’s not the case for Arthur Miguel, who is a self-proclaimed introvert behind the scenes. The 23-year old thrives in the solitude of his creative space, finding inspiration in the quiet moments of introspection. This introverted nature serves as a surprising contrast to his electrifying stage presence, and it’s an integral part of his artistic journey.

When asked about how he’s going around shows, press conferences, and gigs, he answers “As an introvert, ang hirap pero dahil artist ka kailangan. Gaya nalang siguro ng sinasabi nila ‘practice makes perfect.’ Habang tumatagal, kaya ko na pero may time talaga na sagad ‘yung social battery ko.

The True Story Behind His Bold Buzz Cut

While Arthur Miguel is known for his music, he’s also recognized for his bold buzz cut. Plus, his consistent choice to serve those wild colors? It’s totally iconic and hands down one of the standout moments in his career. Interestingly, it might surprise you to know that it was accidental and not his first choice.

“Hindi naman ako kalbo dati, dumating lang sa point na sa sobrang bleach— like, ako lang gumagawa ng hair ko— nalalagas na siya. Kaya naman naging pink, I tried black but hindi siya Arthur Miguel,” he says.

Stanning Ms. Swift

Speaking of buzz cuts and bleached hair, it’s no secret that Arthur Miguel is a Swiftie. In numerous interviews and press conferences, he proudly wears his love for Ms. Swift on his sleeves and shares how the icon influences the way he crafts stories through his lyrics. With tracks like Lihim and Pasahili, the impact of Taylor is undeniably present in his songwriting, often capturing the essence of raw emotions and personal experiences.

The secret? Arthur Miguel has tickets to the Eras Tour, and he’s super stoked. And if you’re wondering what his favorite Taylor Swift song, it’s Mirrorball, which totally vibes with his personality.

Thinking Too Much…

Beneath the glitz and glamour of the stage, this rising star openly admits to being an overthinker. While many artists thrive in the spotlight, he frequently finds himself lost in his thoughts, carefully contemplating every detail and angle. It’s this meticulous approach to his creative process that imbues his work with a deeply personal touch. Arthur Miguel doesn’t just create music; he pours his heart and soul into it, analyzing every note and melody down to the very last lyric.

All About 3AM Hits, Literally

Have you ever wondered about the creative process behind his chart-topping hits? When we’re singing along to the loneliest songs at 3 AM, Arthur Miguel is also up at those hours writing his tracks. The stillness of midnight hours provides the ideal backdrop for him to pour his personal experiences and emotions into his songs, resulting in the deeply moving and relatable details that have captured the hearts of his fans.

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