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Here’s What Went Down DonBelle’s First Ever Manila Fanmeet

A night with Donny and Belle.

It was a night of games, kilig, and fun as a lucky group of fans met DonBelle up close and personal.

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Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have been busy jet-setting around the country and the world as of late to promote their latest movie, An Inconvenient Love. And these promos have DonBelle face-to-face with their fans. The pandemonium when Bubblies see their fave love team even for just a brief moment in public is real. Because of that, you can imagine what it might feel like to be in the same room as Donny and Belle in an intimate setting.

But for ten lucky fans last October, they didn’t have to imagine it because it was real life as they were part of DonBelle’s first-ever fanmeet in the Philippines. And let’s just say having one of the country’s top love teams in a small room with a select few fans made for a memorable night. Here’s the inside scoop of what went down at the DonBelle fanmeet.


At a private function room at the back of the Tablo Kitchen X Café in Quezon City on October 26, the kilig was palpable as ten fans, and the rest of the staff in the room prepared to meet one of the country’s top love teams. It was a meet-and-greet organized by closeup called #CloserWithDonBelle.The exclusive event welcomed the lucky winners from a promo launched last July, which encouraged fans to purchase their products from Lazada. Many of them came far and wide just to meet DonBelle, with one coming as far as Tuguegarao.

donbelle First Fan Meet in Manila

The country’s favorite bestie, Alora Sasam, kicked things off for the night as the event’s host. After a short introduction, she introduced DonBelle to excitement from the small crowd. Donny looked as handsome as ever in his red long-sleeved shirt, white t-shirt, and gray pants. Belle, meanwhile, was simple yet chic in her red and white dress.

donbelle First Fan Meet in Manila

Despite how big Donny and Belle have grown over the past couple of years, the meet-and-greet felt distinctly small. At the front of the room was the love team. Then, the ten fans sat at a U-shaped table in front of them. Behind the fans were staff and select members of the press. There were no more than 40 people in the room, which made for a decidedly intimate and special setting.

This isn’t the first time Donny and Belle held a fanmeet with their Bubblies as they first met a handful of them in New York City back in August. But this is the first time the love team did so in their home country. So, DonBelle history was being made right then and there.


Following a short spiel from Donny and Belle, the program commenced with some games. Game one was to guess the lyrics to Belle’s song Closer with some of the fans guessing the missing lyrics of the track. At points, Donny joined Belle as she sang the song which was a nice moment. Game two had the fans guessing between Donny and Belle who posted the tweet flashed on the screen.

donbelle First Fan Meet in Manila

While most of Donny’s tweets were about showing his love to his fans, Belle’s were pulled from her old tweets years ago that got the room talking with kilig because of their ambiguity. The final game was for DonBelle and the fans to identify surprise items in a mystery box. Belle may have let out a shriek or two after some fans tried to playfully mess with her.

As the event came to a close, both young stars shared their thanks for their fans’ love. Donny expressed appreciation for their fans’ support and emphasized why seeing them in real life is incomparable to anything. “Your support is very much appreciated, and seeing you guys in real life—there’s nothing like it. And of course, thank you to closeup for having us because we also really want to see everyone.” Belle agreed with that sentiment saying, “[Yes,] this moment is really special for the both of us.” The night ended with the ten fans getting their solo and group shots with their favorite love team.

donbelle First Fan Meet in Manila

The kilig and butterflies were real as this all went down. Donny and Belle were more than game to interact with the fans, often engaging in playful banter with them. They didn’t feel like superstars on the rise, but like your best friends next door. As expected, the two were very much comfortable with each other, displaying a bond that’s reflective of how close they’ve become. The duo even signed the many magazines, posters, and other paraphernalia the lucky fans brought to the event.

Not a lot can brag that they were there at DonBelle’s first fanmeet in the Philippines. Needless to say, it was a core memory-worthy moment that went down that night. Here’s to more DonBelle fanmeets in the future.

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