What To Know About ‘Sparkle U,’ GMA’s Newest Youth-Oriented Series

A new barkada in town!

Starring Zephanie and rising stars from Sparkle GMA Artist Center, Sparkle U tackles the highs and lows of the lives of today’s youth.

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Over the years, stories catered to the youth have always been a significant component of the Philippine media landscape. From love and friendship to societal issues and personal struggles, these narratives that capture the energy and spirit of young Filipinos have always proven to be effective and relevant.

And recently, we’re witnessing a steady stream of youth-oriented content which, apart from the goal of entertaining, also reflects and shapes the cultural norms and values of the country’s younger generation. One particular and upcoming series to get excited about is GMA Network’s Sparkle U, which is looking to be another feel-good and heartwarming offering that also spotlights the ever-evolving lives of the youth today. 


Set in a fictional universe called Sparkle University, Sparkle U is an anthology miniseries that revolves around the complicated lives of today’s youth, including the relevant struggles and issues they’re facing. From the effects of social media use and family conflicts, a different facet of teenage life will be explored in each episode, with the story confined in the halls of Sparkle University, which is described to be a “conservative, parent-funded, all-inclusive” institution  that offers educational programs from elementary, high school, senior high school, to undergraduate studies.

For instance, the first installment of the series titled #LikeforLike follows the story of four teenage friends who are thrust into sudden fame after rescuing a campus queen bee from a fire incident. They must then face the pressure of acting according to society’s expectations after gaining the attention of more popular student and an anonymous vlogger Jen Z, who spills controversial secrets from inside the university. How these teenagers will handle this sudden fame and how it will affect their relationship with their family and friends will be the focal point of the episode. 

Sparkle U is also especially created to spotlight the up-and-coming stars from the network’s talent arm, Sparkle GMA Artist center. Sparkle artists (or the Sparkada as they fondly call their squad) Zephanie, Shayne Sava, Abdul Raman, Michael Sager, Roxie Smith, Anjay Anson, Lauren King, Vanessa Peña, and Princess Aliyah will headline the #LikeforLike episode. 

While there’s no official announcement about the series’ release date yet, it is expected to be part of GMA Network’s slate of Afternoon Prime shows every weekend. Sparkle U will be helmed by GMA Network’s Creative Head for Afternoon Prime Dode Cruz (Ika-6 na Utos, The Half Sisters) and director Barry Gonzales (Fangirl, Fanboy and Crazy Beautiful You). Sparkle U is currently in production and will hit your silver screens very soon. 

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