What College Taught Me About Love

What a trip.

Like the pages of the book that we’ve read, learning what love is one page at a time, especially in the college setting.

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College life may very well be a rollercoaster ride in disguise. It’s not just about grinding for that degree, but also, it’s a whole new chapter of self-discovery, excitement, challenges that make your heart race, fears that keep you on your toes, and of course, a journey to figure out your life’s purpose. Think of it as a new milestone to take, a turning point that adds splashes to the canvas of your youth. Amidst all the things and chaos of college life, there shines a beacon of light that most of us experienced, kept us grounded and most importantly inspired, and that is love (yes, really). 

While love, especially of the romantic kind, has always been there in our elementary and high school days, it hits different in college. Bound to fuel your inspiration through the academic years to come, college love isn’t just about the perfect love story. It’s all about creating connections and passions and navigating the perspectives in the world. And of course, the challenges that come through it with different twists and turns of the relationship between the two. 

College love can be a romance to be remembered long after you get your degree, or just another fling that casually pops into your mind during your barkada inumans as you remember the understanding, communication (and lack thereof), and even the love in between. Either way, it’s an exciting time of young adulthood. 

From the simple block crush to full-on relationships, here are a few life lessons that love opened my eyes to in college. 

Start With Connections


Stepping into a new chapter of life might feel like you’re entering unknown terrain where nobody knows what will happen at the start. It’s daunting, and yes, even scary, but fear not because, within the hustle and bustle of classrooms, cafeterias, sports clubs, school events, and school organizations, you’ll find your circle, as I have found mine. Also don’t forget the thrill and fun when it comes to dating. Campuses boast diverse individuals who have different backgrounds, hobbies, inspirations, and dreams in life. 

Start with building connections, whether it’s a shared interest, passion for sports, your favorite Netflix series, or just letting fate conspire. Love may come from expected and the most unexpected places and that might be intimidating. But remember love is everywhere, and often it starts with meaningful friendships that lead to romantic connections. Let it flow and see where it goes.

Embrace The Experiences 


Being a college student is not just about juggling through orgs and acads but it is also a time of self-discovery, and relationships play a significant role in that. Embracing the freedom you have to choose from casual flings to a more serious relationship will truly give you the experience to understand the person with their perspective, goals, understanding, and how they see things through their visions and dreams. Through these experiences, you gain insights into authenticity and purity when it comes to the matter of yourself and love.  

Take That Risk, Before Everything Goes To ‘What Ifs.’ 


Once you find that perfect someone, it’s only a matter of time before you begin building the start of a new chapter. At this point, we’re flooded by the overwhelming rush of school. But of course, thriving for a solid relationship with a person comes in different forms of communication. Be open and honest while expressing your feelings to your partner, and remember to be clear and respectful of their boundaries. That’s the risk that you can take before questioning yourself in the future about a lot of ‘what ifs.’ Don’t let the moment slip by. 

What’s Next? Oh, Let Love Unfold


Now, if everything falls into its place it may be overwhelming, thrilling, and transformative all at once. But as they say, that’s love. No matter how busy you are, remember to embrace the relationships you have by prioritizing communication while balancing personal growth. Navigating college is not as easy as it may seem but with the comforting embrace of love, remember to feel it, value it, and make the most of it, with lots of love and learning, forging a good and long-lasting relationship. And even in the darkest and most challenging times remember to support and understand within. Oh and one last thing, let love unfold. 

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