7 Things We’re Loving From NCT Mark’s ‘200’ Era

Look at our little rockstar go.

Our underground SoundCloud rapper Mark Lee dreams have finally come to reality.

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The numbers 106 and 94 are adding up as NCT’s Mark Lee’s solo era is finally here again, and it’s a full-on rockstar rampage. We’re talking alter identities on Instagram, heart-melting acoustic renditions, and enough Spidermark references to make your head spin.



We’re diving into seven reasons why 200 is the hottest thing to hit the charts since, well, Mark Lee himself.

Instagram User r_e__m___



It was a moment that left NCTzens all in shambles. Everyone knew where they were and what they were doing the instant Mark changed his Instagram bio to a cryptic burner account with the handle “r_e__m___.” The community was abuzz with speculation. What could this mean? The truth is, this user is none other than an alter ego of the singer, a persona he’s adopting for his solo promotions. Seemingly posting like some underground SoundCloud rapper, this account documents the creative process and daily life of artist Mark Lee beyond his NCT persona. Needless to say, the fans are eating it up.

Minhyung’s Version

There is nothing better than an acoustic version of the sweetest song in the Mark Lee discography. Along with the official audio for 200,  Mark also released a version with only his voice and an accompaniment from his trusty acoustic guitar. Its bareness and soulful delivery just hit the heart spot on, like actually being serenaded by Mark himself. Bonus: he uploaded a live version, too!

Spidermark Is Canon



A running gag within NCITY is how much Mark resembles Spiderman, specifically Tom Holland’s portrayal of the superhero. From little quirks to Mark’s insane spidey senses on and off stage, it’s pretty fascinating to think about the possibility of Mark actually bagging a Spiderman role in the near future. But we didn’t have to wait too long as we got to see it in 200! The music video for the track is an easter egg feast of all the inside jokes within the Markfs, Mark’s fandom, with several references to Spiderman. We’d like to think that Spidermark might just be real. 

Trend Takeover

You would think that some TikTok fan account is responsible for uploading Mark’s silly edits these days, but no, it’s just Mark being himself. From fun collabs to entertaining trends, it’s good to know that our homie is just as chronically online too.

It’s All Mark Lee

It’s already a given that Mark is an ultimate all-rounder, but he just keeps delivering. Just like any of his solos, Mark had a hand in deciding the artistic direction of all the creations he put out. 200 just screams Mark, from the concept to lyrics to the overall early 2010s rock-sounding beats. It’s his era, and nobody is stopping him.

Cover Cutie

Despite his packed schedule touring sea to sea with NCT Dream for the rest of the year, we’ll never catch Mark lacking with the promo of his solo. Just a day before the release of 200, Cosmopolitan Korea released pictures with Mark Lee as their cover star. It’s a field day for NCTzens and Markfs with the back-to-back-to-back dropping of scrumptious content from the man. Not complaining though.

200 in TDS3

Every night of The Dream Show 3, all attendees sit tight in the hopes of Mark performing 200 live for them. Well, it hasn’t happened yet. But the closest we could get is Haechan singing a bit of 200 for him on their Jakarta stop. We’re getting closer to the goal, one show at a time.

Check out Mark’s new solo ‘200’ here!

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