5 Things From NCT Dream’s DREAM()SCAPE Era That Already Have Us Electrified

It’s a five-course meal.

Get a taste of this smoothie.

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NCT Dream’s 5th mini album has all the makings of a cultural reset after an evident switch in the group’s musical color. Shifting from their staple vibrant and refreshing themes, DREAM()SCAPE is leaning towards a more intense and beat-heavy musical direction that fits the members’ coming-of-age just right. 


The group’s anticipated comeback continues to soar to greater heights after beating their own personal record. Amounting to 1,329,701 sales on its first day on Hanteo Chart, this new era for NCT Dream is just getting started, and we are all for it. Here are five things from the group’s latest chapter that already have us excited. 

The Perfect Smoothie

Chewing Gum, Hot Sauce, Candy, Yogurt Shake, and now, Smoothie. We’re really getting that five-course meal from our Dreamies. Capturing the neo-coded essence of a hip and beat-heavy track, the lead single Smoothie is the perfect representative song for the era.

At the heart of NCT Dream’s brand is providing hope and healing for Dreamzens (the name of their fandom). For this comeback, the group takes a darker turn. From providing vibrant hope, DREAM()SCAPE is an album that acknowledges nightmares and fading hope, reaching the youth who are struggling to craft a vivid dream yet. 

Through shared empathy from the members themselves, the mini album wishes to provide comfort to the troubled youth, urging them to literally ‘blend away’ negativity. 

A-list B-sides


With Smoothie standing tall as the mini album’s lead single, the B-sides are not lagging behind in terms of quality. NCT Dream is known to have the best B-sides in the industry, and the standard is through the roof. We’re talking Dive Into You, Life Is Still Going On, Teddy Bear, and much more here.

From the haunting tunes of icantfeelanything, the solid statement of BOX, Carat Cake’s fly energy, the hopeful beats of UNKNOWN, and Breathing’s emotional resonance to its listeners, DREAM()SCAPE offers a variety of sounds that cater to a diverse music taste. NCT Dream has something for everyone. 

From NCT Dream, By NCT Dream

DREAM()SCAPE is an ensemble of each of the members’ individual colors, all put together in this revolution of an album. The group has constantly expressed their desire to carry on a more mature sound, showcasing their versatility. 

If the album sounds more striking than usual, it’s because the members have actively participated in the creative process from scratch. Dream’s rap line pulled off yet another power move by participating in both the composition and production of some tracks. Everyone also had a hand in deciding the musical direction of the comeback. This is a special album made by the Dreamies with the hopes of reaching the hearts of their beloved Dreamzens. 

7llin’ With Dream

You know it’s comeback season once SM Entertainment pulls up one of these. Before entering the storm of the comeback, this 4-episode healing series for both Dream and Dreamzens is regarded as the ultimate comeback kickstarter.

Nothing but a cry feast as we watch Dreamies talk about life and how far they have come in a somber setting of dim lights and hazy night. 7llin’ With Dream is a connection closer to the boys—proof that beneath their shiny idol exterior, they’re just little boys trying to get through life.

Small Screen Takeover

NCT Dream is everywhere: Eating shows, music shows, game shows, you name it. And we are digging it! It has been so long since the group graced our screens. That’s why Dreamzens are feeling spoiled with the abundance of Dream’s show appearances. This avenue of showcasing both their talent in music and entertainment is the promotion they deserve.

As we grow up along with NCT Dream, we get to indulge in the group’s newer hues, reflecting how they have become an industry staple. Morphing into the bittersweet taste of maturity, DREAM()SCAPE is the group’s indication of both growth and stability—that no matter how much their sound changes, Dreamzens always have their back.

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