NCT U Brings OG NCTzens Back Home With Their New Track ‘Baggy Jeans’

The OGs.

They’re not called NCT’s backbone for nothing! 

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How can a dance-heavy hip-hop song capture such a nostalgic and melodramatic atmosphere? K-pop sensation NCT continues to prove who the boss is as they recently released their fourth full-length album Golden Age last Aug. 28. An explosion of phenomenal rap and vocals with catchy hard-hitting beats encapsulate the ten tracks of the album. And amid this roller coaster roster of music, one track definitely stood out—both for its musicality and emotional element dedicated to NCTzens who have been there from the start.

The NCT Recipe

Golden Age is led by its title track Baggy Jeans, which is a fascinating ensemble of high-energy, rhythmic, and intense hip-hop beats accompanied by top-tier rap and vocals, Dripping with charisma and fly energy, Baggy Jeans carries the unique NEO sound that we are all familiar with. But what makes the track more special are the members that participated in it. 

Performed by NCT’s first-ever subunit, NCT U, we are brought back to the humble beginnings of the NCT brand. This track may have even evoked a tear or two from the OG NCTzens. After pursuing different endeavors with their own respective units, members Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark have finally come together to open the time capsule that was planted during their debut days. After seven long years, we finally got the team back together! These five pioneers of neo city kickstarted NCT’s career into stardom with their memorable debut song The 7th Sense, which definitely set the tone for the coming successful years of the group. 

Full Circle

There is nothing more emotional than seeing a group you support with all your heart grow in front of your eyes. It’s really hard to keep your cool, especially if the subunit is obviously paying homage to The 7th Sense! Be honest NCT U, do you want us to dance or cry?

If that isn’t enough to soften you, SM Entertainment also made sure to hire the same production crew that worked with the unit during The 7th Sense.

To The World

We have waited long enough for this clique to come together in a celebration of music and nostalgia. Baggy Jeans was a look back to how far the NCT brand has become and seeing these five together brought us back to how they introduced NCT to the world. By fearlessly incorporating new sound into the K-pop scene, NCT U has established itself in the field. Someone go back in time and tell these rookies that seven years later, rookies from newer generations are still covering their song!

It is no exaggeration to say that these five are the backbone of NCT. Dubbed by fans as the founding fathers of NCT, this team is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Can’t get enough of NCT U and Baggy Jeans? Catch their performance video here for a groovy and emotional trip down memory lane!

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