9 Times Miel Pangilinan Proved That She Has A Big NCTzen Heart

Her NCTzen card is staying busy.

Just like you, Miel Pangilinan is also a hardcore K-Pop stan. And online, we witness her fascinating love for her best boys, NCT.

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Apart from being the youngest daughter of the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta, and former senator Kiko Pangilinan, Miel Pangilinan is also repping the young generation with a proud queer voice. And this manifests in Miel’s interests who, like most of the youth captured by the Hallyu Wave, is also a passionate K-Pop stan. Her bias? Well, it’s none other than the chart-topping 23-member boy band NCT. Let’s look at some of the moments where Miel embodies the NCTzen spirit.



im so sorry

♬ Homelander nothing left to lose – 15econdreviews

As the avid NCTZen that she is, Miel is more than ready to accommodate the curious minds about NCT who has over two dozen of members (as of the moment), four sub-units, jam-packed history, countless concerts, songs, videos, and not to mention memes. Need an NCT primer? Miel is here for you.


Here’s another proof of Miel Pangilinan being a proud Czennie during NCT 127’s NEO CITY: THE LINK concert at the Mall of Asia Arena last September. It’s the nine-member South Korean act’s first solo concert and Miel, the hardcore NCTzen that she is, was there to welcome the boys.


It seems that being a K-popper runs in Miel’s family as her mother, Sharon Cuneta, is also another proud NCTzen. Calling herself an NCTZen momma, Sharon posted a photo of her and Miel during the K-POP World Music Festival in Manila last 2019, with a special mention to Sharon’s bias, Taeyong. Thanks to celebrity comedian Vice Ganda and the festival host Ryan Bang, the mother-daughter tandem had the chance to have a little sweet fangirl moment with NCT127 backstage.


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Apart from NCT127, Miel Pangilinan also stans hard for NCT Dream. And that is evident when Miel went to watch the seven-member boy group at the Begin Again: K-pop Edition concert last May where NCT Dream was joined by other South Korean acts like SHINee’s Key, WEi, and Alice. Together with her sister Kakie and her NCTzen barkada, Miel was among the sea of fans proudly waving their green lightsticks.


@ponyofilm #stitch with @므엉 ♬ original sound – miel

Miel Pangilinan’s ultimate bias is NCT Dream’s main rapper and lead singer Jeno. In a TikTok video captioned with the phrase, “HES MINE,” Miel couldn’t help but fall hard for Jeno while watching one of his on-stage performances. In another TikTok post, Miel’s love for Jeno is on full display as she plays the “first letter of your soulmate’s name” video challenge, intentionally repeating the letter J all over again. Truly, Jeno is Miel’s passion.



extremely attainable

♬ original sound – 𝑵𝑨𝑻𝑪𝑺𝑳𝑼𝑽𝑹❦

Another bias of Miel is NCT 127’s Johnny whom, as her TikTok video explicitly says, she considers as her “extremely attainable” Christmas wish. In another video, Miel Pangilinan looks stunned as she thirsts over Johnny’s lines in NCT 127’s single, Vitamin.



i love nct i love noise music i love 2 baddies

♬ 2 Baddies – NCT 127

And then there’s Miel Pangilinan in full NCTzen glory as she ardently rocks out to NCT 127’s comeback single 2 Baddies. “I love nct i love noise music i love 2 baddies,” Miel’s caption reads as she lip syncs to her fave’s upbeat single, leaving no crumbs on the plate.



im wearing shorts tiktok this is fake everything

♬ original sound – miel

Of course, we also get to see Miel Pangilinan channel her inner dancer as she busts some moves to NCT 127’s 1, 2, 7 (Time Stops), feeling all of it like a true-blue NCTzen.



knocking at ur door at 3am BABY CAN WE FIX IT

♬ Time Lapse – NCT 127

And as with all K-pop stans, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed while fangirling. Like Miel Pangilinan in her TikTok video where she’s overcome with emotions, crying her heart out to NCT 127’s Time Lapse.

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