We Tried The New Blackpink Love Sweet Donuts And This Is What We Think

Bet You Wanna try these donuts.

Just like the name promises, the new Blackpink Love Sweet donuts are both sweet, and you’re going to love them as if it’s your last.

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In under five years, Blackpink has dominated, growing to be one of the biggest girl groups in the world. Even if you don’t regularly listen to their music, you for sure have heard at least come across one of their songs. Their influence isn’t just limited to the music industry, however. They have also made a splash in the fashion world by being the faces of luxury brands. The girls have numerous endorsements and commercials. They even are slowly making a mark in the movie industry. With that being said, their latest endeavor may just be our favorite yet.

Love Sweet Series

A couple of weeks ago, Krispy Kreme Philippines teased that they had something Blackpink related coming soon. Last week, they revealed that they were releasing the limited edition Love Sweet Series donuts that went on sale on May 21 in select stores. We love Blackpink and the promo pictures made the donuts look great, but we wanted to know whether the hype was real or if it’s just smoke and mirrors. So, we ordered a box to try them out. Here is what we think.

We ordered one Love Sweet Box of 6 Doughnuts (365 pesos), which came with six donuts, three black and three pink. Note, if you want to buy these donuts, you also need to buy at least one limited edition Pepsi can (each can has the face of one of the members on it, so at least it’s on-theme). And no, these donuts do not come with a photocard.

Visually, the donuts look great. They come in the signature black and pink color scheme. The colors match well together, and they don’t look worn out or faded.

Black Donut

Both Love Sweet donuts use Krispy Kreme’s dark chocolate glaze donuts as a base. We first tried the black donut. For the black donut, it is a chocolate donut topped with chocolate icing made with Malagos Chocolate and pink sprinkles. It is also filled with strawberry cream.

When we cut into the donut, we were slightly disappointed that the cream was not as noticeable as it was in the pictures. It was there, you just needed to dig a little deeper.

The donut, however, tastes amazing. The chocolate donut is soft and has the right amount of chew. The chocolate glaze is delicious, and the pink sprinkles were a nice touch. The cream, however, was the star of the show. It was rich and creamy and was sweet, but not in an overpowering type of sweet. If they sold the cream separately, we will be buying it.

Pink Donut

We then moved on to the pink donut of the Love Sweet set. Same as the black donut, this was had a chocolate donut base. But unlike the black, the entire pink donut was covered in a chocolate shell/glaze. It was topped off with pink strawberry chocolate icing and pink sprinkles.

When we cut into the donut, the crème was also not that visible, which was a disappointment. But the donut still tasted great. The chocolate glaze’s taste was on-point. The pink glaze had the right amount of sweetness. And the crème was amazing as expected. This one was definitely the messier of the two to eat though since it was mostly covered in chocolate.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we loved the Love Sweet donuts. They look great and they taste great, too. All the components come together for a tasty donut. And the strawberry crème is just *chef’s kiss*. Our only disappointment is that cream should have been more prominent when we cut into the donut. We shouldn’t be digging into the donut to find where the cream is hiding. Aside from this, the Love Sweet donuts make a great snack, merienda, or dessert and should definitely be on the blinks’ radar.

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