Smooth Sailing The Global Music Wave with wave to earth: On Their Manila Experience and Songwriting Magic

Get in on this wave.

You can count on wave to earth to make sunny days through their music. 

Performing in front of the Manila crowd is something that all artists deserve to experience, and the rising K-indie rock band wave to earth had a taste of a lifetime as they pulled off an unforgettable stage for the ever-so-enthusiastic crowd of the Mall of Asia Arena last November 3 for the ON Music Festival, alongside renowned artists with talents of turning concepts of love into tunes. 

wave to earth has been captivating music lovers, country by country, with their heartfelt music carried on with enchanting sound and eloquent songwriting. The Philippines has been no exception. With the world singing along to their craft, wave to earth has expressed their desire to widen the horizon of their music, reaching all corners of the world with the hues their band has to offer. 

And with that growing legion of fans comes the fact that the band has been busier than ever, currently cruising the seas of Asia and North America for sold-out concerts. Their music has been a worldwide anthem for lovers and the like, melting and recreating the sunny days they have longed to deliver to their fans. 

Before the band held their highly-anticipated debut, we got the chance to sit down with the band for a backstage chat as they talked about their songwriting magic, their dream collaborations, and their message for their fans. Read on below for the full interview.

How does it feel to be performing internationally and, in particular, here in Manila? 

First of all, this is our first visit to perform here in the Philippines. So we’re very excited for it! We hope to have more visits coming soon so that we can perform and meet more of our fans in the future.

You’ve been gaining a lot of popularity outside of Korea. How does that affect your creative process, like in songwriting and performing?

Even from the beginning, the purpose of this band was to perform in front of international fans, so that’s where we placed our perspective on. And that is how we want to create a comfortable ambiance towards the fans with our songs. 


Where do you draw inspiration from for your songwriting?

Usually, it comes naturally by talking to fellow friends or members or even taking a walk in nature. We really try to take it out from somewhere natural.

As a band, you spend a lot of time creating, collaborating, and working together on music. What are the working dynamics between the three of you?

The very first priority of us is maybe spending time with each other. That is the biggest influence for us. Making songs just comes out from us.


How does music help you process or deal with your emotions?

First of all, we can say that what we listen to on top of the morning really creates how our day could end. So we think in that way, we can see how music really moves someone’s feelings and mindset throughout the day.

Any artists you would want to perform or collaborate with?

Recently, we’ve thought that we wanted to work with beabadoobee.

You have obtained a large fanbase over time due to your heartfelt music and unique sound. Any message you would like to tell your fans?

Because of all this love coming from our fans, we are able to be here today. And we hope to have this performance ready to show how much we’re thankful towards our fans.

Photos by Andre Cesar
Makeup & Hair by Eunbin Ha
Styling by limjs

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