Redefining Love in Music: Here’s Everything You Should Know About Korean Indie-Rock Band wave to earth

Add them to your playlist ASAP.

Oh, what we would give to be complimented with “You look like a wave to earth song.”

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There’s a certain magic of love that only a beautifully written song can emulate, and Korean indie-rock band wave to earth might know a thing or two about that. With strings of words that tell a tale of love, accompanied by whimsical instruments and warm enchanting vocals, wave to earth has definitely marked their name on our playlists. Here’s what you need to know about this rising band that has got music fans talking. 


The k-indie band consists of vocalist Daniel Kim, drummer Dong Q and guitarist John Cha. This three-piece, sometimes accompanied by session members Jo Jung-geun and Jeon-min, is the epitome of a modern serenade. Debuting on August 23, 2019 with their single wave, wave to earth has set the tone of the journey they are about to partake in. A slew of singles and EPs later, the band have earned themselves a fanbase that stretches across all four corners of the world. Just the band’s name ‘wave to earth’ already conjures visuals of charming serenity, like a free 3-minute trip to a secluded beach far away from the city.

Despite being based in South Korea, the band writes their lyrics mostly in English. But let’s be honest here, whatever the language is, wave to earth can definitely connect with anyone’s soul because that’s what music does!

One edge wave to earth has is their ability to intricately transform mere words and letters into anecdotes of love. Every line of their song is an indirect translation of “i love you”—said in the most cosmic and poetic way possible. Here are some examples: 


Right from the get-go, wave to earth has already redefined love through their debut song. How special you may be to have your words be compared to stars? That’s the same as having your words register as a soft love song in the ears of your lover—divine and breathtaking.


Of course, the classic. wave to earth’s bad has been the ultimate soundtrack of love celebrated by everyone! From couples, to friends, to K-pop fans, this song has hit us the most in the feels. Even just the first few guitar riffs of the intro of this song can put your heart into a fleeting feeling of being loved so genuinely that they can never have a bad day because you’re with them.


How can someone not melt upon hearing the words “I’ll give you all my life, my seasons?” This is probably one of the most passionate lyrics wave to earth has ever written. What an offer it is to ask someone to spend the rest of their life and all their seasons with you. Through the bad and good, the scorch and the cold, until you both grow old. This song captures the permanence of true love. 

Encapsulating the beauty of love through tunes and motions is what wave to earth does best. You would even think that these folks have carried all the various intensities of love they have collected from their past lives, all wrapped in a 3-minute package of warm hues and melody.


wave to earth is definitely headlining the music scene these days and all we can say is #deserve! Their relevance and commercial success are evident on social media with their songs being one of the go-to background music of every “ship” you can think of. One scroll on TikTok and there goes Delvin with his outfit of the day or a K-pop idol’s smiling compilation like love in motion accompanied by wave to earth’s sound.

@woniesmiles enhypen as wave to earth songs >>> #enhypen #fyp #kpopfyp #jungwon #heeseung #jay #jake #sunghoon #sunoo #ni_ki #정원 ♬ bad – wave to earth

wave to earth’s music is also echoed throughout adorable trends on X. K-pop fans have been having fun editing their faves into wave to earth song, and even as to claiming a song that fits their idol best. Ah, love!

Not to mention this X account that provides you with a daily dose of wave to earth lyrics. Truly normalizing starting your day feeling loved, even through a lyric bot online.

Love is everywhere, in all seasons and places, and especially in wave to earth. This band’s ability to paint love through instruments and melodies is truly what the world needs right now. Love and music are the two things that can bring people together—and wave to earth is the perfect fusion of these two. 

Want to see the group live and in person? Well, you’re in luck as early Valentines comes this November 3 as wave to earth makes their first Philippine stop for On Music Festival at MOA Areana. So, it’s a date?

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