Here’s What Went Down During ON Music Festival

Their mics were ON.

Valentine’s during the holidays? Count us in!

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A love-filled event during the holidays might just be what the Filipino music lovers need right now and ON Music Festival gave us exactly just that. Filling the Mall of Asia Arena with magic last November 3, it was a music-filled evening from performances by local and international acts, all culminating in the highly-anticipated set by EXO’s Suho. Here are some highlights from the concert that our hopeless romantic hearts just can’t get enough of. 

We Are Adie’s Paraluman

ON Music Festival gathered some of the best serenaders in one event. It was a no-brainer for lovers to flock to the venue, walking side by side with their significant other. But even those who came without a pair were able to feel the love as Adie encouraged a group date with his single fans throughout his set. Like what Adie said, “Tayo-tayo na lang muna dito.” Now everybody’s got a date.  

Seori’s Rendition of Zack Tabudlo’s Pano

Seori definitely surprised the spectators with the gift she had prepared for her Filipino fans. In the middle of her set, she mentioned that she was captivated by this certain song and swore that she needed to learn it for us. That song would be Zack Tabublo’s hit single Pano. Lo and behold, Seori slayed her cover of the iconic OPM song. We stan a multilingual queen!

Total Performer Darren’s Unmatched Energy

Darren Espanto has made a name for himself in the industry with his groundbreaking vocals and captivating performances. Hailed as the country’s ‘Total Performer,’ this solo act successfully set the stage on fire. He definitely brought us a different kind of energy in love with his set. 

It’s Love, Actually With MeloMance

MeloMance’s set seemed like a scene straight out of a romance K-drama. This k-indie folk duo captured the Filipino audience with a well-arranged setlist, almost enrapturing the highs and downs of a slice of life drama. It was a solid main character moment for everyone in that room.

Moira’s Set Fills The Arena With Melodrama

Like how all romance is supposed to be, Moira’s set took everyone to experience the entirety of love, warts and all. Her signature hauntingly beautiful siren voice served as a representation for concert-goers who were currently experiencing the bitter side of loving someone. Her little ments and banters with the audience all throughout the set was a sweet exchange as well!

We’re Making Sunny Days with wave to earth

K-indie band wave to earth’s whole set was a sweet dedication to Filipino fans who have blown these artists’ minds by being able to mouth all the words to their songs flawlessly. One of the highlights of the set was wave to earth singing their song sunny days  which they shot the music video here in the Philippines! What a magical moment for Filipino wave to earth fans.

Ben&Ben Is The Epitome of Mahiwaga

At this point, the arena was already in shambles by how majestic the artist line-up was. With Ben&Ben being one of the main acts, the show was just getting started. Ben&Ben can never fail to hype up the crowd with all the songs they put out, may it be a love song or a senti song. It’s just their unique songwriting magic that makes the OPM band one of a kind. It was a magical moment within the room as almost everyone knew all the words to their songs.

No More Grey With Suho’s Field Of Yellow Tulips

Suho ate his entire set, but that is to be expected. What makes Korean acts so special is the dedication of their fans to coming up with fan projects that would make their Philippine stop memorable. With EXO leader Suho’s return to the Philippines, EXO-Ls and Bunnyzens made sure that Suho kept a nostalgic mental photograph of the night forever. Thanks to project organizers @myeonandonlyph on X, Suho lovers and the like all came together for a sweet present for the legendary group’s leader, something he made sure to recognize.

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