With Their First Album ‘20:20,’ VXON Sets Their Sights On The Future

With Their First Album ‘20:20,’ VXON Aims For The Future

New year, new album, new VXON.

P-pop boy group VXON shares everything that went into the release of their first album ’20:20′, and what it means to have a clear vision for the future.

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Two years into their career, P-pop boy group VXON is finally releasing their first album—and it’s nothing short of an electric reintroduction to “The Monsters of P-pop.”

VXON, composed of members C13, Franz, Sam, Vince, and Patrick, debuted back in 2022 under Cornerstone Entertainment. With only 11 singles since then, they’ve earned themselves a place in the roster of P-pop groups changing the local and global music scene. From experimenting with their sound and style to offering as much heart in their craft as any artist does, the boy group’s career beginnings saw them step, stumble, and stand up again countless times in an effort to turn their vision into reality.

vxon 20:20 new album p-pop

The group dropped 20:20 on January 26th, featuring lead tracks SSP (Saksak sa Puso) and Kalaw, and we got the chance to hear straight from the members about what it’s like to work on their first album and the new direction they’re taking as a group more in tune to who they are as artists.

20:20 VISION

First things first—why “20:20“? The band asserts that 20:20 isn’t about having perfect vision, it was about having a clear vision—and there’s a difference! One of the main themes of the album is vulnerability, and having clear vision means you get to see everything out in the open, flaws and all. Franz expounds, “The imperfections make life beautiful. So, lahat ng flaws, lahat ng pinagdaanan na pain, I feel like that’s what makes us stronger as people and makes us better as individuals.”

To showcase their artistry as individuals after having released a handful of group singles over the past two years, four out of the nine tracks in 20:20 are solo releases that feature other artists like MC Einstein with Sam, G22’s AJ with C13, Zephanie with Franz, and a duet between Vince as Vince Enzo and Patrick.

vxon 20:20 new album p-pop tracklist

On working with their collaborators, the members gushed about the unique synergy that they found in their unique connections with each artist. Sam felt like his dreams came true as he worked with one of his inspirations MC Einstein. C13 shares that collaborating with AJ from G22 for O Kay Sarap coaxed him out of his comfort zone and they bonded over their positions as rappers and leaders in their respective groups. Franz, who’s been collaborating with singer Zephanie for a while now, called it an “honor” to work with one of his best friends in the industry on Miss Na Kita.

As for Vince and Patrick’s duo collab, Vince says of Patrick, “Kilala ko na siya. Alam ko kasi yung kaya niyang gawin.” Vince was initially apprehensive of doing the song alone, so he enlisted Patrick’s help in completing Coco. Patrick adds, “Thankful ako kasi sinama niya ako, ako yung napili niya, and naniwala siya sakin kahit nung una, di ako naniwala sa sarili ko.”

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Even though they mostly worked on their tracks solo, VXON collectively learned plenty from their album preparation, and even shared, laughing all the while, that they supported each other all throughout the process. The quintet’s nervous energy emanates as they did final preparations—like a presscon—for the biggest endeavor of their career yet, but their bond tethers them to each other, allowing them to tell their own stories and continue the epic tale of VXON through pulsating beats, youthful and edgy melodies, and honest lyrics.


“Ever since nung nag-debut kami,” group leader C13 shares with NYLON Manila, “We’ve been really hands-on when it comes to our craft.” And there’s no denying that, as Franz has been VXON’s lead composer, songwriter, and producer since their debut, and all of the members had a hand in producing the album. But there was a lot to learn, and a lot of highs and lows that come with the dream. But they hustled, they adapted, and they grew.

“We [didn’t] really have that much experience pa when it comes to songwriting and stuff. Along the way…we’ve grown so much. And ang daming taong tumulong samin, ang dami naming natutunan sa journey namin.”

The members agree that the VXON back during their debut is a different VXON from the one we see now. In terms of experience, they’ve now gathered more feelings and stories that they want to share—through a full album, no less—and in terms of music style, they’ve finally discovered where they feel comfortable.

“Before, we always expressed self-confidence, being yourself,” Franz explains. “And ngayon, we’re tackling more mature subjects in this album. Yung life experience, yung heartbreaks, pain, betrayal, and the like.” From the action movie soundtrack-worthy SSP (Saksak sa Puso) to the heartfelt Miss Na Kita, VXON tackles a pretty broad range of subjects and themes in their album, but there’s a certain uniformity to 20:20 that ties together each of the members’ artistry and style.


vxon 20:20 new album

It’s long been known that VXON values reflection, authenticity, mindfulness, and communication among themselves as a group and with their management team. Their sound may often be intense and hard-hitting, but their process is a lot kinder. They bear all the pressure with grace, Franz explains, and things go by pretty smoothly.

“At our own pace, we work gradually,” he says. “Kung saan kami mas nasa-satisfy and kung saan namin mas mae-express yung sarili namin.” It’s a refreshing outlook given the perception that the industry is always high-stakes and fast-paced—to the detriment of artists’ health. VXON proves that it’s alright to take your time, hone your craft, and navigate life at less of a breakneck speed.

vxon 20:20 new album

“Goal din namin is to keep falling in love with the outcomes ng mga ginagawa namin,” Sam remarks. A refreshing sentiment stated out loud, because in this world where everything from music to content just keeps dropping by the thousands every day, it’s rare to truly hear from people that they hope what they make is the best it could possibly be. There’s no “okay na ‘to” for VXON. They’ll truly give everything they have.

Upon hearing some of the final mixes of their song, Sam adds that they felt a sense of accomplishment at what they were able to do. He also echoes that which an artist always desires: “We hope na, kung ano yung naramdaman namin, maramdaman din ng listeners.” They envision a year ahead with more people who fall in love with their music, more Vixies (their fans), more music, and more accomplishments to add as notches on their belt.


vxon 20:20 new album COVER p-pop

This album is the culmination of a long journey for VXON—one that involves a lot of self-discovery and introspection that the group is now known for. In 20:20, they lay bare their pains, their joys, their regrets, and their artistry. VXON’s training, their past, their mistakes—they’ve got a deep well of experiences and knowledge that they use to move forward.

“That’s what’s important naman, e,” Vince says. “Na ina-accept mo yung mga mali mo sa life.”

VXON remains thankful for all the support they’ve received, and with this album, they mark a new beginning in their journey to express who they are through their music and promise bigger and better things to come. 20:20 was just a vision to C13, Franz, Sam, Vince, and Patrick, and now that it’s out, they’re giving the world a chance to see and hear them for who they are—to share with them a connection uniquely forged by music.

vxon 20:20 new album message to vixies
vxon 20:20 new album message to vixies

“Binuhos talaga namin yung buong puso and pagkatao namin sa album na ‘to,” C13 says in a message to Vixies. “As always, sobrang thankful namin na andiyan kayo, and alam din namin na sobrang inabangan niyo ‘tong album, so finally, mabibigay namin sa inyo.”

“We shed our blood, sweat, and tears for this project,” Franz adds. “And we’re very proud of it.”

Images courtesy of VXON.

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