VXON 2.0: How The P-pop Boy Group Is Going Bigger And Bolder This 2023

Even P-pop idols know the importance of a mental health break.

Now that their debut year is in the bag, VXON is promising to go even harder for year two, all while finding time for those mental health breaks. 

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Often, artists, especially those who work in the pop music scene, are given names and titles by their stans. But while they sometimes can be played off as hyperbole, they also can come with significant expectations as recognition for the artist’s work. Such is the case with P-pop boy group, VXON. When C13, Patrick, Franz, Sam, and Vince debuted in January 2022, their fans, called VIXIES, dubbed Cornerstone’s first foray into the new generation of P-pop “Monster Rookies” because of how well their debut single, The Beast, did. 

To be called the Monster Rookies of P-pop is no light compliment, but VXON made sure that they were deserving of the title with the hard work they put into their debut year. And the busy year that the group had in 2022 was just the first round of what else the boys are cooking up.  


“It still feels surreal,” is how Franz would describe VXON’s 2022. “Parang ang bilis ang nangyari lahat. We’ve been over a year and we have a lot of songs out already. And we’ve been through a lot, a lot of ups and downs, and we’re very, very proud to say we continuously are growing together.”

The moment VXON made their debut last January, it was a continuous push as the boys seemingly didn’t stop getting their name out there. They hustled and found themselves on the come up among the new P-pop groups. It’s a moment that still amazes the group’s leader, C13. “Looking back on the past year, ang daming surprises dumating sa atin at ang daming unexpected opportunities na natanggap namin.” 

To enumerate the achievements VXON has under their belt would be too long for this story. But rest assured, the boys were anything but sleeping on the job. If the group wasn’t releasing singles, they were performing at concerts like PPOP CON, attending events, serving as an opening act for international stars, and more. But in particular, the boys highlight their performance at the Dubai Expo as the one that stands out in their debut year.

“Nakapag perform na kami one month after our debut,” shares Franz. Even though VXON was still new at the time, they were asked to perform overseas, their first ever as Patrick stresses, to what remains one of their biggest crowds to date. “Nabigyan kami ng opportunity na makipagperfrom out of the country. Kaya doble-doble ang pressure,” adds Sam. Still, based on the reaction of the crowd and their UAE VIXIES, the then-newbies left a good impression.  

For C13 though, he calls back to a recent moment as a favorite, being included, along with their sibling groups in Cornerstone, in UMG’s P-pop Radar event earlier this year and being signed to the major record label. “Sobrang honored kami sa opportunity na makabilang sa UMG. Sobrang excited kami sa plans na magkakaroon with them.”


Few events marked how VXON was ready for more in 2023 than with signing with UMG, the same label as Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, The Weeknd, and Billie Eilish. After spending most of 2022 releasing singles that flexed their pop sound, the members are ready to showcase a different side to themselves. That can be seen with their new music, such as the pop-R&B-inspired single, Breaking Bad. This new sound though wasn’t done out of the blue as it was in the works since last year.

They want to explore their artistry further and made plans to do just that. They don’t see themselves being put into a box. Breaking Bad is indicative of that with the pop beats mixing with the more sensual sound. “I think it’s perfect timing for us to release this kind of track because it’s also an opportunity for us to show a different side of our group,” Franz states. 

Breaking Bad by VXON

Experimentation is a word VXON does not shy away from. Breaking Bad still retains that pop sound VXON is known for but with added new and exciting elements to spice things up. The fact that C13 and Franz are credited on the track shows how they continue to learn and grow as they leave their mark on their projects.


To be seen as a rising star in a fast-paced industry is no easy feat. VXON put in the work to solidify themselves as a top-tier P-pop group. After all, the group wasn’t voted as Favorite Rookie P-pop Group at the 2023 NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards for nothing. But being young adults thrust into the public spotlight can be a lot to take in. The demands and rigors of the job can take their toll. Burnout, especially amongst the youth, is a major concern. 

While some may think that the members work day and night to secure that bag, the group makes sure to prioritize mental health breaks. “Our management prioritizes mental health. So every time na someone feels down, chinecheck po naming isa’t-isa. Meron po din mga regular breaks every time na tuloy-tuloy yung schedule,” reveals Sam.

PPop Group VXON

Franz adds that their management doesn’t overload them with too much work. “Enjoy namin ang work, and we make sure na we have a healthy relationship with the job and with all of the people that we work with.” C13 chimes in and stresses the importance of a work-life balance. “May equal time sa work, equal time para sa sarili mo, sa family mo, and other personal stuff. We can also lean towards each other.”  

In a world where hustle culture is in vogue and grinding non-stop is preached by some as the tool to get you far in life, VXON is here to remind everyone that life isn’t all about work. While they have a job to do, these Gen Z idols also make sure to live their own lives, enjoy the ride, and take what they can learn along the way. It’s this kind of mindset that’s one of the main reasons why these boys constantly grow. 

PPop Group VXON

“Throughout the [past] year, marami kaming ups and down and marami kaming natutunan na mga bagay which helped us improve ourselves and our group as one,” muses Franz. For C13, he also credits the people the group works and collaborates with as to why they can grow into the artists they want to become. “We’re able to work with some amazing people na ang daming talagang natutunan sa kanila. Sobrang hands on na kami and its also a great thing na binibigyan kami ng freedom ng management.” 


Growth, above all else, is what VXON has gone through in the past year. And this 2023, the boys are ready to flex their new skills and let fans and would-be fans know that they’re here for the long run. And what exactly can we expect from the group this year? Near the top of the agenda is that long-awaited debut album. 

PPop Group VXON

“I believe [an] album by the end of the year. Since last year, nagdredream po kami magrelease ng full album na makikipag showcase ng individuality ng isa’t-isa and also our stories and experiences,” voices Franz. They also share how they want to do tours, both in and outside the country, and release a variety of content. As C13 teases, “It’s going to be a fun year for us.”

Of course, the group wouldn’t be here today without their dedicated VIXIES. And for their fans, they have nothing but gratefulness and kind words for them. “We’d like to thank them for supporting us since the beginning of our journey and hanggang ngayon they’re really there for us to cheer to give strength and to show that VXON is something that is long-lasting and that they will embrace until the end,” is Vince’s heartfelt message to fans.  

PPop Group VXON

Adds C13, “Nandito lang kami para sa inyo. Maraming salamat din for believing in us. Naririnig namin na kami ang comfort niyo. Just so you know, kayo rin ang comfort namin. Kayo ang reason kung bakit kami ay nagpapatuloy at ‘bat namin ginagawa ‘to.”

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