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Listen, Voice Actress Jisoo Is Too Cute For Words As Chichi, The Queen Of KartRider Rush+

This is too much, send help.

From being Mystery Girl No. 3 to a superstar unparalleled, Jisoo is adding another jewel to her glimmering crown, this time as voice actress in the popular mobile game, KartRider Rush+.


What has Jisoo been up to lately? A lot, it’s getting hard to keep up—but we like it that way. From spreading the gospel of Crocs, preparing for her long-awaited debut as a lead in the upcoming K-drama, Snowdrop, and sealing deals as global ambassador for Dior in fashion and beauty, she has been busy. It comes to no shock why everyone wants a piece of her, because with an innate boldness coursing through, she embodies a singular sense of audacity, modernity, and passionate creativity that truly empowers.

But even if she is on a constant quest for world domination alongside Rosé, Jennie, and Lisa of Blackpink, Jisoo still manages to find time to unwind and play games such as PUBG and of course, KartRider Rush+. Cluing us in on their lives after their explosive performances and presence onstage, Jisoo teases in a ruthless round of balance that the girls retreat to their mobile phones and assume gamer mode. Jisoo versus Rosé? We’d love to see that.

But wait, why are we being treated to all this information and jabs of all things cute? Well, in case you missed it, Jisoo is crowned the queen of the exclusive LINE x KartRider+ collaboration. This is no run-of-the-mill coming together either, because instead of just associating her name to the undertaking, the lead vocalist and visual of Blackpink has put in the work by designing and developing the in-game items to be won and purchased, as well as of the playable character inspired by her favorite nickname, Turtle Rabbit Kim. The best part? Jisoo also steps in as voice actress for the charming Chichi.

Voice Actress Jisoo? We’d Love To Hear It

“We’re thrilled to partner with LINE FRIENDS and Jisoo on this major collaboration. KartRider Rush+ is recognized for its wide-range of colorful characters and tracks and we hope that players are excited to see the new items Jisoo has proudly designed, bringing her own personal style to the game,” says CEO Junghun Lee in a statement.

In this seasonal update, wide-eyed beginners and those aggressively racing towards shiny championships in the free-to-play kart racing game from Nexon can expect exciting additions such as magical new tracks, new characters, and new story modes to hone those hand-eye coordination. But the most important and most anticipated appraisal in the online gaming phenomenon is the collaboration with Jisoo where players can the K-pop star’s special items such as a Turtle Shell Bag, a Jisoo-themed title, and a Jisoo aura. Those diligent enough to go through the game play will get to meet Chichi (including Dalgom, the fluffy sidekick pet inspired by her actuall puppy) and hear the adorable inflections as essayed by Jisoo not only as a voice actress, but also as the artist who painstakingly drew the pink bunny on paper, detailed its values and personality, and had it rendered in 3D graphics.

From conception to realization, LINE FRIENDS was with Jisoo in every step in a video series uploaded on YouTube. Tracing everything since the introduction to the penultimate recording session, where the self-confessed fan really shone as voice actress to Chichi—all in her first try, no less. There’s a reason why Jisoo is the queen of KartRider Rush+.

The Race Is On

Rising from the ranks as Mystery Girl No. 3, working hard and patiently at every swerve and swivel on the tracks of her career thus far, and eventually claiming her rightful space in the glittering galaxy filled with an abundance of sparkling constellations, Jisoo has really proved herself worthy of being a superstar unparalleled. Focused and dedicated to every dream she is slowly and surely making a reality, including being a voice actress of bigger projects, hopefully, there’s good reason why many not only drift, but fully gravitate towards her. What she’ll be on to next is anyone’s guess at this point, but one thing is certain, we will be right there, cheering her on.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you just going to sit there and let the rest of the world race by? Hop on that kart and fire up the engine, because it is to get your speed on, for Jisoo, of course.